Early Years Arts Showcase Script


PK/K1B – Butterflies & Bees

PK/K1C – Lady bugs

PK/K1A – Birds


K2 – Sun/Rain

K2 – Flowers

K2 – Carrots


1A – Funky Dogs

1B – Cheeky Rabbits

1C – Groovy Gardeners


Main cast:

Head Gardener

Head Dog – Bingo

Head Rabbit

6 Narrators/Percussionists


1st Half

(ALL GRADES ON STAGE TO SING SEASONS SONG AT THE BEGINNING, then exit at the end of the song – all except the gardeners)

(It’s the beginning of Spring and the gardeners are planting seeds in the garden)


Narrator 1:  Welcome to our beautiful garden.(欢迎来到我们美丽的花园) Spring is a busy time of year in the garden. The soil needs to be prepared, and the seeds need to be planted, watered and fed. The groovy gardeners are all working hard.


(Gardeners prepare the soil, , plant the seeds – could be kids rolled tightly in balls, water the garden and sprinkle “food” on top.)


Head gardener: The soil is being prepared (sound effect). The seeds are being planted (sound effect). Now we hope for

lots of sun and rain. 太阳/下雨. (Gardeners exit)



(Sun and rain performance – sun, then rain, then sun again)


Narrator 2: Our gardeners have worked hard, and the weather has been kind. Now look, 看,  the garden is growing!

(sound effect – flowers grow)


(Flowers performance, then gardeners re-enter)


Gardeners: Look at the beautiful flowers! 看漂亮的花!


Head Gardener: And here come our favorites – carrots, 胡萝卜)!


(Flowers exit and carrots enter)


All Gardeners (in 2 parts): Delicious, 好吃的, scrumptious, 美味的, amazing, 奇妙的 carrots, 胡 萝卜!


Head Gardener: Orange carrots(橙色的胡萝卜), white carrots(白色的胡萝卜) – even purple carrots(紫色的胡



(Carrots perform)


All gardeners: Mm, mmm, mmm. Yummy carrots. Delicious Carrots. Carrots are the best! 我们爱胡萝卜 (adapt as

                          needed – kids could come up with their own lines)


Narrator 3: As you can see, our gardeners love carrots! But they’re not the only ones….


Narrator 4: That’s right, rabbits love carrots too, 兔子! Every year the greedy rabbits try to

sneak into the garden and eat ALL of the carrots in the garden.


Narrator 5: This year our head gardener is ready! He has his trusty dog, (小狗)Bingo, who has

been especially trained to chase the rabbits away.


(Head dog comes on)


Bingo: Hi everybody. My name is Bingo(我叫bingo(claps it out) BINGO, BINGO, BINGO,  

             Bingo is my namo.


Narrator 6: And BINGO has his trusty troops.


Bingo: Come on troops!


(Dogs march onto the stage)


Dogs: Hup, 2, 3, 4, (yī èr sān sì (repeat until all dogs are on the stage)


(Grade 1s to add lines here and give ideas – BINGO could lead the dogs through some motivational chants/exercises, they could even do some funky breakdance thing to the song  ‘Who let the dogs out’)


Narrator 6:  But that’s not all. He also has his trusty sign! (puts up sign Hey Greedy Rabbits,

                    Do Not Eat These Delicious Carrots!)


Gardener: There! That will surely stop those pesky rabbits!


Narrator 1: Between Bingo, the dogs, and that sign the gardeners believe those carrots will be safe!


(Rabbits march on the spot backstage)


Head Dog: Wait, I hear something (puts had to ear)


Gardener: What’s that BINGO? You hear something?


Head Dog: Listen! 听!(all dogs put hand next to ear)


All dogs: We hear something too.


(Rabbits march onto the stage)


Head rabbit: We want carrots!


All rabbits: We want carrots!


Eric: 我们要胡萝卜!


All rabbits: 我们要胡萝卜!


Head rabbit: We will never stop!


All rabbits: We will never stop!


Peter:  我们不放弃 !


Head rabbit: We love carrots!


All rabbits: We love carrots!


Anna & Jimmy: 我们爱胡萝卜!


All dogs: Oh no, it’s those cheeky rabbits.


Gardener: Oh no! Hey Greedy Rabbits, Do Not Eat Those Delicious Carrots! Get those Rabbits!


(Dogs chase the rabbits away – with classic chase music playing. Every now and then a dog or a rabbit can come to the front of the stage and say something – lines to be developed by G1s)


Head Gardener: Good job BINGO!


Dogs: Hey, what about us?


Head Gardener: Good job dogs! Now, go and get some rest (All dogs exit the stage with the gardeners, except for Bingo, 

                             who sits next to the Head Gardener)


Narrator 2: The carrots are safe for now. And just in time too! Here come the garden helpers!


Narrator 3: Garden helpers? You mean the garden has helpers?


Narrator 2: Of course! All gardens need helpers. Here they come now.


(Bees and butterflies perform)


Narrator 4: The bees(蜜蜂) and butterflies(蝴蝶) collect pollen on their legs and move it from flower to flower. This helps even more flowers grow!


(Bees and butterflies exit and the ladybugs enter)


Narrator 5: Look! Here come the ladybugs, 瓢虫!


(Ladybugs perform)


Narrator 5: The lady bugs eat the aphids off the leaves, keeping the plants healthy!


(Ladybugs exit and the birds enter)


Narrator 6: And here come the birds(小鸟)!


(Birds perform)


Narrator 6: The birds eat some fruit and spread the seeds near and far so even more trees can grow.


Narrator 1: What great helpers! No wonder our gardener loves these special animals!


Narrator 2: If only all animals were so helpful!




2nd Half


Head Dog: Wait, I hear something (puts had to ear)


Head Gardener: What’s that BINGO? You hear something?


Head Dog: (to the audience) Listen,听.


(Rabbits enter the stage)


Rabbits: (getting gradually louder as they creep on stage) We want carrots! We want carrots! (我们要胡萝卜!)We won’t stop! We love those carrots! (我们爱胡萝卜!)repeat, repeat, repeat.


Head Gardener: Oh no, it’s those cheeky rabbits again.


Head Dog: Better call the troops.


Bingo: Come on troops!


(Dogs march onto the stage)


Dogs: Hup, 2, 3, 4, (yī èr sān sì (repeat until all dogs are on the stage)


Head Gardener: (to the head dog) Get them!


(Rabbits and dogs chase each other running all over the stage – keep going in circles not getting anywhere. After a long chase…. Gardeners re-enter and cheer on the dogs)


Head Rabbit: STOP!!! Why are you chasing us! It’s not fair. You don’t chase the bees!


Rabbits: Yeah you don’t chase the 蜜蜂!


Head Rabbit: Or the butterflies!


Rabbits: Yeah you don’t chase the 蝴蝶!


Head Rabbit: Or the birds!


Rabbits: Yeah you don’t chase the 小鸟!


Head Rabbit: So why do you chase us???!!


Rabbits: Yeah. Why us? Why US? 为什么?


Gardener 1: Because you’re greedy rabbits!


Gardener 2: You eat ALL of our delicious carrots!


Gardener 3: The bees and birds and butterflies help our garden grow.


Gardener 4: You don’t help, you just eat, eat, EAT!(吃!吃!吃!)


Head Gardener: Last season we didn’t get to eat a single one of our carrots. And they’re our favorite vegetable.


(The rabbits look sad and ashamed and they think about this)


Head Rabbit: You didn’t get a single carrot!?


Gardeners: Not a single carrot!


Rabbits: Not even one?


Gardeners: Not even one!


Rabbits: None at all?


Gardeners: None at all?


Rabbits: Not even part of a carrot?


Gardeners: Not even part of a carrot!


Rabbits: Not even…..


Head Gardener: Look! We didn’t get ANY! Not one, not a piece, not even a crumb!


Head Rabbit: How sad!


Rabbits: So sad. 好伤心!


Gardeners: We work hard all season.


Gardener 1: We prepared the soil.


Gardener 2: We plant the seeds.


Gardener 3: We feed and water the plants.


Gardener 4: We removed the weeds.


Head Gardener: At the end of all that work….


All gardeners: Still no carrots! 没有胡萝卜!


Head Rabbit: Sorry gardener, we have been selfish. We love carrots so much that we forgot to leave some for you. Can

we work together to fix it?


Rabbits: Yes, let’s work together. Let’s fix it. (Sing to the tune of ‘Bob the builder’) Cheeky rabbits, can we fix it?

Cheeky rabbits, yes we can!


Head rabbit: How can we help?


Head Gardener: Well I have this empty plot over here. If I had some help I could plant more carrots. Enough for everyone. Can you help me?(帮帮我)


Rabbits: Yes, Of course, Let’s get started!


Narrator 3: So, the rabbits and the gardener worked together to prepare the soil…

Narrator 4: plant the carrot seeds…

Narrator 5: feed and water the plants…

Narrator 6: and remove the weeds.


Narrator 1: And when the carrots were ready to harvest there was enough for everyone!


All rabbits (as they harvest the carrots): Let’s share carrots, Let’s share carrots.

Head gardener: Thank you friends for sharing those carrots.(谢谢!)


Narrator 2: The gardeners were so happy that they invited all of the garden helpers over for a party.


Narrators 1, 3, 4, 5, 6: What kind of party?


Narrator 2: A garden party of course!


(all cast back on stage to perform the finale).