October 25


I’m excited to be able to tell you that this year’s grade 2 to 5 production is……..

‘The Circus’


An exciting, colourful pageant of circus characters in the big Big Top! Clowns, acrobats, animals, trainers, head-hunters and fleas – this show’s got the lot!

Main Cast List

*Main cast who have solos or duets to sing

                     Main Cast Roles

                      Ringmaster 1

                              Leo the Magnificent (the lion tamer)

                         *Hercules (Strongman)

                   *Hercules’ assistant 1

                     *Hercules’ assistant 2

             Professor Zigflea

                Professor’s assistant

                         Madame Simone (Dog Trainer)

                 Luigi (the human canon ball)

                  Biffo (the knife thrower)

                      Biffo’s assistant

                     Elephant trainer

                    Elephant trainer’s friend




Additional Roles List

*solos and/or duets

Usherette 1
Usherette 2
Madame Fifi (Cat Trainer)
Mimi the Cat
Mr. Vertigo (tightrope walker)
Professor’s assistant
 * Rosy (The World’s Biggest Flea)
   Dumbo the Elephant


Class roles

Class’ Roles
Grade 2 Dogs
Grade 3 Lions
Grade 4 Clowns
Grade 5 Doubling up as forest animals and Chinese locals/villagers (who perform martial arts)