Grade 2

Playing, composing and performing

Central idea:

Music notation can communicate ideas in response to different forms of stimuli.


Key concepts:

Form, function, perspective


Related concepts:

Record, process, composition


What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

· Ways that music can be recorded (form)

· The composition and performance process (function)

· How music is able to convey someone’s ideas (perspective)


What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

1. How can we record musical compositions for tuned and untuned percussion instruments?

2. What are the stages that composers and performers go through when creating and performing their compositions?

3. Why is music an effective way of expressing ideas?


Example of a performance on the glockenspiel


Grades 2 to 5 Production 


Central idea:

A work of art is the product of complex processes


Key concepts:

Form, function, reflection


Related concepts:

Design, inspiration, process


Lines of inquiry:

– The features of artistic expression (FORM)

– The role of the arts in a production (FUNCTION)

– Artists’ reflections shape the final product (REFLECTION)


Teacher questions:

Is reflection necessary?

Is a process needed when putting on a production?

How are the arts involved in the production process?

Do we need inspiration when developing scenes in a production?

What influences artists’ choices?