December 8

Grade 3

Unit 2 

Grade 2 to 5 production

3A – line order – Right of 3B behind the red curtain DSC. 

  1. Hally, 2. Felicia, 3. Eungyeol, 4.Grace, 5. Minchan, 6. Elena, 7. Lele, 8. Emily, 9. Harris

* Daniel – Yujin, Rachel & Hajun

3B – line order – Left of 3A behind the red curtain DSC. 

  1. Emma,2. Aarron,3.Jiyeon,4. Anton,5. Amy, 6. Daniel, 7. Chaehyeok, 8.Tiffany,9. Sangyeon,10. Seven, 11. Jihun, 12, Jimmy

*Suji * Chaewon

3C – line order – Fire exit doors

  1. Calvin, 2. Joy, 3. Bomi, 4. Emmanuel, 5. Harin, 6. Tony, 7. Yumin, 8. Daniel, 9. Shunichiro, 10. Isabella, 11. Mayu, 12. Anna, 13.Eric* Suah & Vincent


RINGMASTER:  “My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the (name of school) Circus ….

The greatest show on earth!!


The drum roll stops and the cymbal crashes again.  The curtains open and the music for the first song starts.  The stage has the same set for the whole show, a Big Top Circus with lots of colourful boxes for animals and acts to use, trapeze and tightrope wires overhead and perhaps sawdust on the floor. The stage is also full of circus performers in their array of colourful costumes.  They are waiting to sing the opening song while parading around the audience smiling and waving.  Remember not to use the best animal or novelty costumes in the parade as  it spoils the novelty value later on.  So, the curtain opens and the parade starts as the performers sing the opening song “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth”.


SONG: “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth”


ALL:                       Welcome to the greatest show on earth, Welcome everyone,

We’ve got daring men on the flying trapeze,

We’ve got  lions, tigers,

We’ve even got some fleas!


Welcome to the greatest show on earth,

Welcome young and old,

Glad to see you at the circus

We hope you like our show.


                                     Repeat verses 1 & 2


They all exit from where they entered from, except for the Ringmaster who stays on the stage (the last person in each line to lead each grade 3 class offstage). 


RINGMASTER:  Thank you, thank you! And it’s on with the circus.  Now, as I said before,

all the animals you see tonight are wild and untamed and our first act is

no exception!  Ladies and gentlement, put your hands together for Leo the

Magnificent and his performing Lions!


Enter Daniel the Lion Tamer. The Ringmaster exits.  


DANIEL:                     I am the famous and brave Daniel the Magnificient! And these, ladies and

gentlemen are my famous man-eating lions!


Out come all of the grade three lions doing their movement routine. 

Start positions:

Taiping – Theatre entrance doors

Xuanwu – Fire exit doors

Wutaishan – Black box doors

3B – Start to 1min. 6, then exit. 

3C – 1min. 6 to 2mins., then exit.

3A – 2mins. to the end, then freeze in a lion pose whereever they finish their movement piece.



Taiping – 1. Seven, 2. Anton, 3. Amy, 4. Jiyeon, 5. Tiffany

Xuanwu – 1. Jimmy, 2. Sangyeon

Wutaishan – 1. Emma, 2. Jihun, 3. Aaron, 4. Daniel.L, 5. Chaehyeok



Taiping – 1. Emmannuel, 2. Mayu, 3. Sunichiro, 4. Yumin

Xuanwu – 1.  Bomi, 2. Tony, 3. Harin, 4. Calvin

Wutaishan – 1. Isabella, 2. Anna, 3. Joy, 4. Eric, 5. Daniel



Taiping – 1. Hally, 2. Ellioth, 3. Lele, 4. Emily, 5. Elena

Xuanwu – 1. Eungyeol, 2. Grace, *Daniel (lion tamer) 3. Minchan

Wutaishan – 1. Felicia


DANIEL:                     These are my lions!


All of the  lions enter and start to stroll towards the audience, growling and roaring as they go, and stand around the edge of the circle….. they start to threaten the audience.


DANIEL:                     (he is frightened for the audience) Whatever you do, do not show fear ….. my lions can

sense fear. And remember, they have not been fed for two days since they ate the school

gardeners!! (all lions roar, then go to another side of the circle)


DANIEL:                     I told you they were wild and untamed …. Now my lions … onto your blocks …. (all lions roar, then go to another side of the circle)


Leo points to the colourful performing blocks onstage.  The lions just growl and ignore him.  This makes Daniel very angry.


DANIEL:                     I said “Onto your blocks!!”


Begrudgingly the lions get onto their blocks and sit there – some standing, some sitting…  There are four blocks and three groups of lions


DANIEL:                     So here they are! ….. Four of the most dangerous animals in the world today! (all lions roar)


A head appears from behind the curtain


Hubert:                 But,  there’s only three of them!


The man withdraws his head


LEO:                     What?


Leo quickly counts his lion groups and realises in fact that there are only three


LEO:                     (very excited)  One of my lion groups is missing, lock the doors, check the cages ….

Where’s the Ringmaster?


Enter the Ringmaster


RINGMASTER:  What’s the matter? What’s going on?

DANIEL:    One of my lion groups is missing.

RINGMASTER:  No it’s not …. it’s just over there (points offstage) Don’t worry, I’ll go and get him.


The Ringmaster exits quickly with Daniel desperately trying to warn him


DANIEL:                     No please, don’t go near those lions … not him, they havn’t been fed for two weeks!!!


Too late.  From offstage comes the frantic sounds of the Ringmaster being eaten by the growling lions


DANIEL:                     Oh no!  They’ve eaten the Ringmaster.


The props crew walk out onto the stage with the Ringmaster’s boots hanging out of their hands.


DANIEL:                   You stupid lions, you can’t eat the Ringmaster …. We need him.


Daniel goes offstage


DANIEL:                     (from offstage)  Come on … spit him out ….

(thump thump) ….. I said “spit him out”.


From offstage there is the sound of coughing anf spluttering as the lion spits the Ringmaster out.  

A confused Ringmaster staggers onto the stage. 


RINGMASTER:  That was terrible.


DANIEL:                     I know, eating between meals will ruin their appetite! (all lions sit down on their blocks)


The Ringmaster exits


DANIEL:                     And after that unfortunate incident it’s on with the show.  Now let me introduce you to my lions.


As Daniel introduces the lions by name the each sit up proudly and roar


DANIEL:                     First, there’s group Xuanwu.


Xuanwu:                   Grrrrrrrrrrrgh! (all lions stand up) Grrrrrrrrrrrgh! (then freeze in their standing position)


DANIEL:                     And next there’s group Taiping.


TAIPING:                 (all lions stand up) Grrrrrrrrrrrgh! (then freeze in their standing position)


DANIEL:                     And last, but not least, group Wutaishan!


WUTAISHAN:          (all lions stand up) Grrrrrrrrrrrgh! (then freeze in their standing position)


DANIEL:                     And now my wild lions are going to perform their world famous trick and leap through a hoop of burning fire!


While he has been talking, he has not noticed the two ushers who have entered at the back of the audience.  In big strong vioces they start selling their wares and all of the lions follow them around with their noses, and pivot round on their feet facing whereever the ushers are. 


KEEMIA: Hot food, hot food …. get your hot food and drinks here …….


LEO: Hot food and drinks …..


DANIEL:                     Oh no, don’t mention food …..


KEEMIA: Hot dogs ….. juicy hamburgers ….


LEO: Mouth-watering dumplings.

Driven wild by the constant mentioning of food the lions leap offstage and start chasing the usherettes.


LIONS:                 Grrrrrrrgh.


DANIEL:                     They’re after the food!


Keemia and Leo are screaming and the lions are growling as they chase them offstage out of the theatre doors. 


DANIEL:                     Don’t eat between meals …..


Daniel exits after them and the Ringmaster enters


Human Canon Ball, Rosy the Flea, then the whole cast come on for the finale song.

SONG: “Finale”


For this song the whole cast comes out in costume. Grade 3 come on from the same positions as for the opening song and stand in the same positions, rotating clockwise for each verse. The finale song is repeated once. 


The main cast then enter and take their bows and wave to ‘all’ sides of the audience on the centre stage blocks.


SONG: “Finale”


ALL:                      Farewell from the Greatest Show on Earth,

Farewell everyone,

We are sad to tell you the shows at an end,

If you liked our circus, why don’t you come again?


Farewell from the Greatest Show on Earth,

Farewell young and old,

Glad you made it to the circus,

We hope you liked our show.