August 31

Grade 5

Unit 1

Central Idea:

Sources of inspiration can evoke creative ideas.


Lines of inquiry:

– Forms of stimuli (form)

– The creative cycle (function)

– How different forms of stimuli can inspire us to be creative (connection)


What teacher questions/provocations will drive these inquiries?

1. What are different forms of stimuli when exploring forms of Performing Arts from around the world?

2. How does the use of stimuli fit into the creative cycle when creating and performing our own Performing Arts pieces?

3. How does a form of Performing Arts stimuli help to inspire us?


Links to

PA examples from around the world

5A –

5C –


Simple tutorials for PA forms from around the world

5A –

5C –


Unit 2

Grade 2 to 5 production


Line orders for the opening song and finale songs:

Crew & main cast – line order


5A – Line order


5B – Line order


5C – Line order



RINGMASTER:  “My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Nanjing International School Circus ….

The greatest show on earth!!


SONG: “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth”


ALL:                   Welcome to the greatest show on earth,

Welcome everyone,

We’ve got daring men on the flying trapeze,

We’ve got  lions, tigers,

We’ve even got some fleas!


Welcome to the greatest show on earth,

Welcome young and old,

Glad to see you at the circus

We hope you like our show.


Repeat verses 1 & 2


They all exit except for the Ringmaster who stays on the stage.


Then lions, strongman, Prof. Zigflea, Oggie Doggies, then grade 5


Start positions:

Monkeys (Black box)

5B – 1.

5C – 1.

5A – 1.

Birds (Theatre doors)

5B – 1.

5C – 1.

5A – 1.


5B – 1.

5C – 1.

5A – 1.


5B – 1.

5C – 1.

5A – 1.

RINGMASTER:  And now my friends we move on from fleas, who are one of the smallest creatures, to one of the biggest animals in the world – the Elephant!! And as a special treat for you tonight, Dumbo the Elephant and his trainer, are going to re-enact how they first met, all those many years ago, in an unchartered bamboo forest in China.

Chinese forest music playing whilst forest scenery is set up. 

4 Grade 5s and 2 props crew bring on  forest  foliage to set the scenes whilst making forest animal noises, then exit. The lights go down. 

RINGMASTER:  As I said, the story took place in China while Dumbo’s trainer and her companion, were on a hike an unchartered bamboo forest in China.

The local villagers specialized in Martial Arts.


                               (Each Grade 5 class enters  from their animal position & performs martial arts, then exits from where they entered from. Eason. Z to enter from the theatre doors with the wild birds. He’ll then exit after his class’ martial arts peformance, and go to wait behind the red curtain DSC to get ready to come on for his ‘python’ performance). 


Wild monkey’s – Black box entrance

Wild birds – Theatre doors entrance

Wild tigers – Fire exit doors

Wild cats – Props cuboard doors


1st 5B – James Bond

2nd 5C – Star Wars

3rd 5A – Mission Impossible


* All grade 5s to put their animal headscarves etc. on as soon as they exit after their martial arts performance. 


RINGMASTER: But, even with their highly skilled martial arts abilities, they were too terrified of the dangerous and deadly python that lived in the bamboo forest, to venture into them.


(Enter ______ and _______ on a hike).


TRISH:                 This forest goes on forever! I think we are getting lost!


ADAM:                 Perhaps we should look at the map


TRISH:                 That’s the problem! We’re off the map! This part of the forest has never been explored!


ADAM:                 (getting scared) How far “off” the map is “off” the map?


TRISH:                 It’s not even on Google Earth!


ADAM:                 I knew we shouldn’t have come! We should have brought a guide!


TRISH:                 But none of the local villagers will come into this part of the forest. They said it was too dangerous.


ADAM:                 (terrified) Too…too…”dangerous?? I know, how about I phone for help. I’ll just go somewhere and see if I can get reception for my phone!


TRISH:                 Like where?


ADAM:                 England!!


TRISH:                 You’re not scared, are you?


ADAM:                 Of course, I’m scared! Perhaps the local villagers don’t come here for a good reason!


Trish has got her binoculars out and is scanning the audience.


TRISH:                 Yes, they said that the animals were too wild!


ADAM:                 (scared) Wild animals?


TRISH:                 Just look at them all out there! (pointing to people in the audience) Look at all those wild animals! It looks like there are things out there that have never been discovered! Sometimes I think that there’s a thousand eyes just looking at us.


Trish puts the Binoculars down. Adam has tried to sneak off. He goes one way…


TRISH:                 Yes, there are wild monkeys…


The chorus makes wild monkey sounds and blocks Adam’s path. He tries to go another way


TRISH:                 There are wild birds…


The chorus makes wild bird sounds and blocks Adam’s path. He is very scared and tries to go another way


TRISH:                 And wild tigers…


The chorus makes wild tiger sounds and blocks Adam’s path. He is very scared and tries to go another way


TRISH:                 And wild cats…


The chorus makes wild cat sounds and blocks Adam’s path.


TRISH:                 But we’re not going to let the thought of being eaten alive by ferocious animals stop us are we?


ADAM:                 (terrified) Eaten alive!!!


A scared Adam runs over to Trish and holds on tightly to Trish as he is shaking.


TRISH:                 What are you doing Adam?


ADAM:                 Protecting you from the wild animals


Trish shakes him off


TRISH:                 Perhaps we should camp here for the night. I’ll make a fire.


Trish takes a pretend fire out of the rucksack. The Ringmaster comes back out.


RINGMASTER:  What they didn’t know was that they were about to set up camp in fact in the territory of the most feared animal in all of China…


They set up camp to the sounds of the jungle (grade 5 all make their animal sounds, then stops when the python comes out).  All Gr.5 animals silently exit.


TRISH:                 Listen?…..The animal noises have stopped!


                               There’s something in the forest…and its coming towards us!!


She points offstage to where a python comes out of the Jungle.


TRISH:                 Look, it’s a python!


ADAM:                 Crickey!


A big snake slithers onto the stage. It starts slinking towards Trish and



ADAM:                 Don’t just stand there! Do something!!


TRISH:                 Do what?  Pythons are cold blooded killers!! They are meat eaters!!!


ADAM:            Meat eaters!! (pushes Trish forward) Eat her! I’m a vegetarian!!!


TRISH:           Well, Adam …. looks like this is it.



Gr.5 animals re-enter chanting and moving around in a circle in their animal groups.


ANIMALS:           (move around the circus ring clockwise) Python, python, python, Explorers (stop and

                               freeze) he will frighten



This chant is repeated 4 times, getting louder each time – Gr.5 rotate clockwise inside the circle facing the audience.



TRISH:                 (spoken dialogue) Whatever you do, don’t make any sudden movements!


ADAM:                  (spoken dialogue) Is fainting from fright considered a sudden movement???


MONKEYS:         He is scaly,

BIRDS:                 He is green

TIGERS:               He likes to munch

CATS:                   On human beings

PYTHON:             I see my lunch, I see my tea,


Gr.5 animals move around in a circle in their animal groups saying their next two lines, then freeze.

ANIMALS:           He’s the mighty python. And he’s hungry


TRISH:                 (spoken dialogue) ….. Did you hear that? He’s going to eat us!


ADAM:                 (spoken dialogue) ….. I’m too young and good looking to be eaten!


PYTHON:             There’s no washing up, you don’t serve them hot.


MONKEYS:         Just opens up his mouth,


BIRDS:                  And gobbles down the lot


TIGERS:               It’s a massive python specialty


CATS:                   And it sure don’t need a recipe!


PYTHON:             Just a dash of salt, with explorers and some stock,

No potatoes and onions and what do you think you’ve got?

Explorer’s two. Yum, yum, yummy, explorer in my tummy.

If you favor, full bodied flavor, Try explorer’s two!


             All animals start exiting chanting and getting quieter each time.


ANIMALS:           : Try explorer’s two! X4



The python is just about to eat them when a loud elephant’s trumpet is heard as Dumbo the Elephant rushes onto stage. The python sees the elephant and runs away in fright. Enter Ringmaster. Comes to front of stage.


RINGMASTER:  So that is how Trish met Dumbo; and they became such good friends that Dumbo travelled back to the circus with her.

Chinese forest music playing whilst forest scenery is taken off. 

(Wild forest animal sound effects)



RINGMASTER:  Now we move on to what must be considered the most dangerous of all acts; The Human Cannon Ball.  Ladies and gentlemen the bravest man in the world, Luigi, the Human Cannon Ball!


Human Canon Ball, Rosy the Flea, then the whole cast come on for the finale song.

SONG: “Finale”


For this song the whole cast comes out in costume. Grade 4 and 5 on the stage behind the red curtain – the curtain opens when the music is played. Grade 2 enter and stand around the stage blocks in the middle. The grade 3’s enter and position themselves in-front of the audience in-front of the stage.


The main cast then enter and take their bows and wave to ‘all’ sides of the audience on the centre stage blocks.


SONG: “Finale”


ALL:                      Farewell from the Greatest Show on Earth,

Farewell everyone,

We are sad to tell you the shows at an end,

If you liked our circus, why don’t you come again?


Farewell from the Greatest Show on Earth,

Farewell young and old,

Glad you made it to the circus,

We hope you liked our show.