10 Bio – Circulation and Respiration

This unit focuses on the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems in terms of structure and function.  The Guiding Question for the unit is “Why do people make unhealthy lifestyle choices?”


Topic 1: Introduction the Systems

Lesson Resources:

Intro to Systems – Introductory Keynote


Topic 2: Blood

Lesson Resources:

Blood Webquest


Topic 3: The Heart and Blood Vessels

Lesson Resources:

Heart and Blood Vessels Keynote

Heart and Blood Webquest #2


Heart Dissection Resources:

Internet links:

Biology Corner Site – With Pictures

Sheep’s Heart Dissection – With Pictures

Carolina.com – Instructions Diagrams and Pictures

Keynote and PDF:

heart dissection Keynote

Cow Heart Dissection guide


Immunity Keynote


Topic 4: Respiration

Lesson Resources:

Respiration Keynote

Air Pollution Writing Activity

China’s air pollution blamed for 8-year-old’s lung-cancer | Jennifer Duggan | Environment | theguardian.com

Greening China

The Link Between Air Pollution and Cancer


Circulation Design Lab – Task Sheet for the assignment

Healthy Living One World Essay


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