10 Bio – Ecology

This unit focuses on the Science of Ecosystems and the interactions between living and non-living things within those ecosystems.  Students will investigate environmental issues such as endangerment of species and pollution.


Topic 1 – Introduction to Ecosystems

Lesson Resources:

Activity sheet for ecological terms – “Biodictionary” Vocabulary Sheet

Ecology Intro Keynote – Brief Introduction to Ecology as covered in class

Ecology Brainpop Activity 

Soil pH Lab

Article Review Links

Article Review Links 10-1



Topic 2 -Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Transfer

Lesson Resources:

10Bio_Eco_FoodChains+WebsGIZMOS  – Gizmos Activity on Topic

Food Chains and Webs – What’s for dinner? – Web Based Activity on Food Chains/Webs

10Bio_FoodWebsText Biology textbook section for following Activity

10Bio_Eco_FoodwebQuestsExtension Activity on food chains/webs

 Energy Pyramids Keynote

 Ecological Pyramids Cut Out Activity and Instructions

Modelling Energy Flow


Topic 3 – Endangered Species/Drought and Salinity

Lesson Resources:

Endangered Species Presentation Task Sheet  – Includes a link to a good website

10Bio_ECO_DroughtSalinity_CritAB – Task Sheet for Case Study





Topic 4 – Ecological Relationships

Lesson Resources:

Ecosystem Relationships Organizer

Ecological Relationships Presentation Activity



Predator Prey Game – Criterion E Assessment



Topic 5 – Abiotic Factors and Processes

Lesson Resources:

three cycles information section  – Text book chapter about the Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Cycles

Brainpop – The Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle Animation #1

Carbon Cycle Animation #2Game to play for fun

Brainpop – The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle Animation

Brainpop – The Water Cycle

Water Cycle Animation

Water and Nitrogen Cycle Activity Sheet  – Use the resources here and the internet to complete this

Seed Germination Lab Task Sheet – This is the task sheet and the criteria for the Seed Germination Lab



Topic 6 – Human Impacts on Ecosystems

Lesson Resources:

Human Impacts on the Nutrient Cycles:

Human Impact Mind Map Task Sheet  – This is the task that uses the 5 Articles Below

Climate change is dominated by the water cycle, not carbon dioxide | Washington Times Communities

Why is Co2 bad – CO2 101 – Updated link to get rid of pictures blocking the text

Malta suffers EU’s worst water nitrate pollution – The Malta Independent

Stressed krill first sign of damage

The “Deadly Trio” of Carbon Dioxide Threatens the World’s Oceans | Motherboard


One World Essay: How can Science help in solving Ecological Issues?

Ecology One World Essay Task Sheet






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