Biological Information Storage and Translation

This unit focuses on cellular molecules that store information called Nucleic Acids.  DNA and RNA are special molecules that carry all the instructions that code for a living thing.  We will investigate the structure of these molecules, how they code information and how that information is translated to create proteins.

Topic 1: The Structure of DNA

Lesson Resources:

Making a DNA Molecule Activity

Exploring DNA web activity

Building DNA Gizmo Worksheet




Topic 2: DNA Replication

Lesson Resources:

DNA Replications Basics Keynote

DNA Replication Activity


DNA One World Essay Introduction Keynote

Applications of DNA One World Essay Cover Sheet





Topic 3: Protein Synthesis

Lesson Resources:

Protein Synthesis Project – Task Sheet

Resources for the Project

BBC Bitesize on the Process

Sparknotes of the Process

Learn Genetics – Really good visuals

Animation #1

Animation #2

DNA tube – Series of Videos on the entire Process

See Student Large Storage/Mr. Basaraba/Bio 9/Protein Synthesis Project for a couple more videos



Protein Synthesis Class Notes



Topic 4: The Products of Protein Synthesis

Lesson Resources:

Enzymes Introduction – Keynote to Introduce the concept

Factors affecting Enzymes – Activity Task Sheet

Factors effecting Enzyme Action Organizer

Factors Effecting Enzymes Keynote

Factors Effecting Enzymes PDF




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