Topic 1 – Food Science -Knowing Food Science Improves Lives

This Unit looks at the reasons humans consume food all the way through to an understanding of functions at the Cellular Level.  Microscopy, The Cell and a detailed look at the Digestive System will be investigated.


Topic 1 – Introduction to the Microscope:

In this topic we will look at the parts and functions of the microscope, microscope safety, and preparing a microscope specimen slide.

Lesson Resources:

Microscope-label  – Blank Microscope Diagram

using microscope lab – Lab to introduce use of the microscope

How to create a wet mount – A keynote showing you how to make a microscope slide

Onion and Cheek Cell Lab – Instructions for our class looking at onion and cheek cells.



Topic 2 – The Cell

In this topic we will look at the discovery of the cell it’s parts and functions, Differentiation in cells, and Cell Energy Processes.

Lesson Resources:

Brainpop Activity on Cells

Cell Presentations Task Sheet

Cell Structure Gizmo Worksheet

8Sci_CB_CellsAlive  – Textbook assignment for review and further understanding



Case Study Writing Template  – This document will help guide you in answering the questions and keeping track of references.


Topic 4 – The Digestive System:

In this topic we will look at the parts and functions of the human digestive system, the process of digestion, and introductory nutritional science.

Lesson Resources:

Digestion Gizmo Worksheet

BioMolecule Paragraphs – Crit B  – This activity is designed to help with APA referencing practice

Nutrition Label Data Activity Task Sheet


Food Additives – JigSaw Activity: Resources

Task Sheets:



Helpful Documents:

Food Additives for Health

Science Call to ban food colourings

List of Food Additives

Helpful Newspaper Articles (open with safari):

Foodmood andyouTheSeattleTimes

HowToxicare theToxins ThatSurroundUs

Helpful Websites:

Health Canada Food Additives Site

Understanding Food Additives Site

ABC News Scariest Food Additives

Better Health – Aus and NZ Food Additive Site

USA FDA food additives site



Food One World Essay

Food One World Essay Task Sheet


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