Grade 10 Biology

Welcome to Grade 10 Biology at Nanjing International School.  This course is an MYP level 5 course that focuses on three main topic areas:  Ecology, Circulation and Respiration, and Nerves Hormones and Reproduction. General Resources for the course are found immediately below the introduction while resources and links for each unit can be found by clicking on the unit title to go to that page:

**For specific assignment details, resources and due dates students need to access their VERACROSS portal for their Grade 10 Biology class details.**

General Course Resources:

MYP Biology Lab Guide and Exemplar update

MYP Lab Conclusion and Evaluation template

MYP Lab Planning template

APA 6th Edition Guide

APA Referencing tips


Unit Topics:

Unit 1: Ecology

Unit 2: Circulation and Respiration

Unit 3: Nerves, Hormones and Reproduction


NIS Students and Parents:
To access specific assignments and class details, please log in to your Veracross portal.
To access curriculum plans, please log in to Rubicon Atlas.

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