Grade 8

Grade 8 Science is year 3 of MYP Science at NIS.  See General Course information and resources directly below.  Students will study 4 units listed below.  Click on the unit title to link to the specific unit page. This page is meant to be used in conjunction with VERACROSS.  All specific assignment details and due dates can be found there.


General Course Information and Resources:


APA 6th Edition Guide

APA Referencing tips


Lab Report Writing:

Lab Guide and Sample Lab

MYP Lab Planning template

MYP Lab Conclusion and Evaluation template




Units of Study:

Unit 1 – Food Science- Knowing Food Science Improves Lives.

Unit 2 – Forces Influence Us Every Day.

Unit 3 – Technology Impacts Our Understanding of the Universe.

Unit 4 – How Can We Separate a Mixture?

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