Into and Out of Cells

The first unit of Grade 9 Biology focuses on the Cell.  We will be looking at basic cell structure leading into a detailed look at how things move “Into and Out of Cells”. It can be broken down into the main topics found below. Students are reminded that all homework, assignments and relevant due dates will be posted on VERACROSS and can be found there.

Topic 1 – Introduction to the Cell

In this topic we will look at the discovery of the cell and some current Cell Theory

Lesson Resources:

CELL THEORY – Basic Cell Theory notes

Brainpop – Cells

BIODICTIONARY – First Unit Vocab Activity



Topic 2  – The Microscope

In this topic we will review the parts of the Microscope and see how it is used to investigate microscopic specimens

Lesson Resources:

Microscope-label  – Blank Diagram of the Microscope

How to create a wet mount – Keynote on preparing a microscope slide


Topic 3  – Cell Structure

In this topic we will review the structure and function of the major organelles of the cell including how the structure of the Cell Membrane aids in it’s function.

Lesson Resources:

Cell Structure Keynote from Class

Brainpop – Cell Structures

8Sci_ConsumerBio_BPcells – Review Activity from Grade 8 Science

Cells Alive – Online Interactive Activity on Cell Structure

9Sci_IOC_BlankPlantCell – Blank Plant Cell Diagram


Cell Structure Gizmo Activity

Cell Membrane Info Map Activity

Cell Membrane Structure –  This Keynote summarizes the key things to know about the membrane

Membrane Building Instructions


Topic 4  – Movement into and out of the Cell.

In this topic we will investigate several methods by which materials are move into and out of the cell.

Lesson Resources:

Cell Transport definitions – Keynote to help you with some Key definitions of Vocab

Cell Transport Organizer

Cell Transport Keynote

Diffusion Gizmo Student Exploration Sheet

DiffusionGizmoLab Task Sheet Criteria DE Assessment

Reverse Osmosis Case Study Task Sheet – Criteria AB assessment

Reverse Osmosis Case Study Resources:

Lifestraw Article

Desalination in CA

Desalination in China

Desalination in Texas

Reverse Osmosis

Potatoes and Salt Water Design Lab

Potato Lab Task Sheet





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