Digital Presentation of Information

1. Content is easily understood by audience it is designed for
2. Good organization – (beginning, middle, end) or clear flow of ideas, easy to see big ideas vs details
3. Knowledge of content is clear (not copied and pasted)
4. All visuals enhance presentation
5. All visuals are clear and not distorted or pixelated
6. Text on screen – use good color contrast, font size large enough for audience to read, font type easy to read
7. Text color used appropriately – not too many colors, color used for emphasis, color used consistently
8. CONSISTENCY of transitions, text, effects
9. Effects used only to enhance delivery of message
10. All resources are cited (information, pictures, music)
11. Presentation has a defined ending (usually a summary)
12. Voiceovers are clear and volume is appropriate
13. Music volume is appropriate
14. Music does not overpower voice
15. Type of music fits the type of presentation
16. Layout of text/information is attractive – well balanced, good use of font, color

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