Some of you are using “Magic” GarageBand. However, many of the students are already proficient in GarageBand through music classes, learning valuable skills such as timbre (sounds), dynamics (volume), etc. It is important that the knowledge and skills taught in music are seen as practical and universal, being applicable to classes throughout the MYP programme. Please allow them to use the standard GarageBand as much as possible.

These SLOs refer to the music portion of GarageBand only and do not include podasts.

1. Opening GarageBand;
2. Choosing an appropriate file format;
3. Adding or deleting tracks using the Delete and + buttons;
4. Fine editing of sound files using Command+E.
5. Splitting tracks;
6. Muting or soloing tracks;
7. Adding tracks, including jingles, loops, and special effects;
8. Adding special effects on real instrument tracks;
9. Using timeline loops;
10. Using the metronome;
11. Creating, choosing, splitting, and keeping “takes;”
12. Working with MIDI tracks;
13. Changing instrument types in MIDI tracks;
14. Sharing files to iTunes and the Media Browser;
15. Using the LCD screen to gather knowledge about your product;
16. Connecting and using MIDI Controllers in GarageBand;
17. Using CountOff;
18. Playing, stopping, rewinding and recording tracks;

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