Mind Mapping

Inspiration can be used very effectively for various processes including brainstorming, mapping ideas, showing knowledge, and presenting information. This media lends itself to the higher level skills of comparison and contrast.
Students need to understand that the intent of the diagram is to clearly communicate an idea/relationship/topic… Using all green bubbles is a start for a simple brainstorm but they should move beyond this in clarifying their map. The use of SIZE, COLOR, SHAPE, GRAPHICS, and PLACEMENT should clearly communicate main ideas, details, connections, etc. Below are 2 maps – the first in progress with bubbles starting to be organized into logical placement. The second shows a finished product.



1. Creating a simple diagram – bubbles, text, links, moving, shapes
2. Changing bubble color and text color – make sure text shows up (light color text on dark color background, etc.) Groups objects together to change color, font, etc. all at the same time instead of one by one
3. Formatting text
4. Writing on links, changing type of link
5. Adding symbols, searching for symbols
6. Using Rapidfire
7. Zooming in and out
8. Notes – adding, showing/hiding, adding graphic
9. Using the Outline tools
10. Using Mind Map option, adding relationships
11. Adding hyperlinks
12. Adding sound (record or import)
13. Adding video
14. Export options
15 Using for presentations – hide/show options for subtopics
Inspiration Tips
1. Use size to show levels of organization – Main Idea has largest font size, then next level ideas are a bit smaller font size, then details are smaller font size
2. Use consistent shapes – for example all details are one shape and size
3. Use color to group common topics
4. Use Alignment to line up bubbles
5. Use Rapid Fire when brainstorming ideas, then arrange as needed
6. Use Frames to group common topics
7. Use contrasting colors for easy viewing
8. Check to see if diagram flows easily on eyes
9. Check to see if you can easily see the main idea and supporting details

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