Wikis and Blogs

Student Wikis

1. Any wiki pages created are all linked appropriately.
2. Cover Page can include an Introduction and a Table of Contents
3. Organize by Units
4. One page per topic – allows for comments on the one topic
5. Be consistent with titles, colors, etc
6. Use color and size to show importance – large font sizes are usually titles, color can emphasize a point
7. UPLOAD media files so that you can SEE the content without having to download, you can ATTACH a file along with media – do NOT ONLY ATTACH files
• Save Keynote files as QuickTime
• Screenshot Inspiration Files
• Save SAM Animation files as QuickTime
• Copy and paste Pages documents
• Upload images
8. Tag wiki pages for easy access
9. Teach constructive commenting with specific aspects to be commented on (so we don’t get comments such as “It was good.”)

Student Blogs

1. Remind students that blogs are open to NIS Community (PYP) and may be open to wider community (MYP/DP)
2. Teach tagging so that entries are easy to find

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