Basic Essay Protocol at NIS:

Essays are non-fiction prose that provides information, analysis, or argumentation on a particular topic.

By grade 10 students will be able to write a well structured multi-paragraph essay with supporting details, an appropriate introduction, and conclusion, with proper APA referencing.

A. Format: Formal essays should be submitted using the following format:

Naming protocol:

Titles and names:

Without a title page:
Title is Bold and centered on the first line of the essay

With a title page:

Font size:
Font: Standard font (Helvetica or Times New Roman) 12 point font, black.
Spacing: 1.5Essays include:
APA Reference List & in-text referencing (where applicable)
visuals (where applicable)
graphs and/or diagrams (where applicable)

B. Scaffold for writing an Essay:

Download file "MYP_generic_essay_scaffold.pages"

C.Writing continuum:

Download file "Writing continuum Level 4 and up Final.pdf"

D.Strategies for explicitly teaching writing supported essays:

PEEET method:
Point: 1-2 sentences
Explain: 2-5 sentences.
Expand through a definition, relate to real life, provide additional information, imagine so asks us a question about our “point”.
This means that…. The reason for this… In this case, NN refers to…
Examples: 4-6 sentences (NOT 1 EXAMPLE / SENTENCE!!!)
Give example and explain how this related to your POINT. (“so that…)
Evaluate: 3-5 sentences
Personal thought – but still connected to the POINT.
Assess strengths / weaknesses; consequences; informed conclusion
In my opinion… It seems to me that… As discussed above… As shown above…
Transition: 1 sentence- look back to look forward.

RIP TWIST method
R= Read the task/criteria/prompt carefully twice
I= Identify and underline the key words in the task/criteria/prompt
P= Plan ideas you generate in web or outline
T= use Thesis/research question supporting ideas in clear Topic sentences from outline/web
W= Write an introduction, body, and conclusion
I= Include powerful words, idioms, figurative language, facts, science terms, statistics, terminology.
S= Stick to the topic throughout
T= Take time to check and change before turning in

Writing Process

Download file "writingprocess.pages"

See this site for additional support for students:

C. For PROOFING, this mnemonic device may be useful:

Spelling: Is the spelling correct?
Capitalization: Are the first words of sentences, proper names, and proper nouns capitalized?
Order of Words: Is the syntax correct?
Punctuation: Are there appropriate marks for punctuation where necessary?
Express Complete Thought: Does the sentence contain a noun and a verb or is it only a phrase?




Download file "One World Criteria-Science.pages"



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