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August 27, 2019
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News Update Aug, 2019

Swim mom: A few parent tips for a new season:

Courtesy: Elizabeth Wickham

With a new season approaching, it’s a great time to reflect as a swim parent on how the last season went and what we’d like to change. Was the schedule too hectic for your family? Do you need to cut out a few activities? Or, start a car pool or ask other parents to help?  Maybe the last season was perfect and you’re looking forward to another one just like it.

Here are a few tips to have a great swim season:

Let our kids take ownership of swimming. Ask what their goals are and make sure they are swimming because they want to. The season won’t be a good one if they are swimming to please us. This applies outside the swimming world, too. By doing things they truly enjoy they will develop their own interests to pursue the rest of their lives.


Listen more and speak less. On the drive home after a meet, let our children speak first. If we start talking and going over how they swam, they will most likely resent it. They may interpret our helpfulness and critiquing as though they’ve disappointed us.


What can you do to help the team? Ask the board or coach if there’s an area where they need help. Coaches and boards hear mostly complaints. What a welcome change to have someone offer to help.


Be in the moment. How many times have you heard a parent say they can’t stand sitting around at a meet to watch their child swim for a few minutes? It’s all about attitude. Be grateful for those moments—before you know it they’ll be gone.


Enjoy the community. Are there new parents you can help at meets? They may feel intimidated and a friendly smile and chat can go a long way to making them feel welcome.


FINA World Junior Swimming Championships (USA Gold Rush)
Age eligibility:

·         Girls – 14, 15, 16 and 17 years of age by 31st December of any given year (this year, 1997 born, oldest age group)

·         Boys – 15, 16, 17, and 18 years of age by 31st December of any given year (this year, 1996 born, oldest age group)

Budapest 2019

A sizzling Franko Grgic 14:46.09 World Junior Record Makes Croatian Ace Fastest 16-Year-Old Over 1500m In History, stole the show in the curtain-closer at the Duna Arena in the Hungarian capital this evening.

The last session of finals also produced an upset win for Russia in World-junior-record time over the USA in the men’s 4x100m medley, an upset win for New Zealand’s Erika Fairweather over Aussie ace of the women’s meet Lani Pallister in the 200m freestyle; and American 1-2 from Wyatt Davis and Carson Foster in the 200m backstroke that set in chain a victory sprint to the finish line from the top team of the meet, the USA, Gretchen Walsh nailing the sprint double with triumph over 50m free, Luca Urlando grabbing gold in the 200m butterfly, before Walsh was back in wash for a second title on the night with teammates 4x100m medley.



Finishing just over a second away from bronze was Taiwan’s Kuan-Hung Wang, the 17-year-old who threw down a huge PB of 1:56.48 to land in 4th.


SINGAPORE -Swimmers Jonathan Tan and Mikkel Lee finished fifth and eighth respectively in the men’s 50m freestyle at the Fina World Junior Championships in Budapest, Hungary on Saturday (Aug 24, Singapore time).  Jonathan, 17, clocked 22.50sec while 16-year-old Mikkel posted 22.81sec.


Srihari Nataraj breaks record again, finishes sixth in World Junior Swimming Championships

Srihari had on Thursday twice broken the national record in 50m backstroke. He clocked 25.52s in the semis after shaving 0.2 seconds off his national record in the heats.



Swimmer Rikako Ikee: A smiling face for 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

The breakthrough started earlier this month in the Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo, competing against top swimmers from the United States, Australia and Canada.

She won the 100 fly in 56.08 seconds, the fastest time of the year and ahead of the best time this season by Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden, the Olympic champion, world champion and world record-holder.




16-year-old Kayla Van Der Merwe already nabbed 100m breaststroke bronze for Great Britain in a new British Age Record. But the Winchester star wasn’t quite done, busting out another personal best mark in the final of the 200m breast at these World Junior Championships.( https://swimswam.com/van-der-merwe-finishes-world-junior-cships-with-british-age-record-in-2bresat/)



Tonight in Budapest, Marchand fired off a speedy time of 4:16.37 to finish 3rd behind winner Apostolos Papastamos of Greece and Ilia Borodin of Russia, who finished in times of 4:11.93 and 4:12.95, respectively.( https://swimswam.com/leon-marchand-takes-world-juniors-4im-bronze-in-new-french-national-record/)


During the final of the men’s 50 fly at the 2019 World Junior championships, 16-year-old Josif Miladinovswam his way to a bronze medal and Buglarian national record.  In the semifinals, Miladinov first set the national record with a 23.60 to tie for third into the top 8. In the final, Miladinov dropped down to a 23.48 to secure bronze and re-break his day-old national record. This bronze is now Bulgaria’s first medal of these championship.( https://swimswam.com/josif-miladinov-breaks-50-fl-buglarian-national-record-at-2019-world-juniors/)


After firing off a new Czech National Record in last night’s semi-finals of the men’s 50m backstroke here in Budapest, Jan Cejka lowered his newly-minted mark even further en route to gold tonight.  While competing in the finals of the 50m back at these World Junior Championships, the 18-year-old hit the wall in a time of 25.08, stunning the field from lane 3 and hacking .14 off of his 25.22 record set last night.( https://swimswam.com/jan-cejka-lowers-newly-minted-czech-record-en-route-to-50-back-gold/)


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