Chinese man sues wife for ugly children and wins

A court case which one would expect to be laughed out of court was not only heard, but ruled in favour of.

What does this say about the society which generated both the claim and the court system which upheld it? What other perspectives might have played a role? What implications are there of this decision for Chinese society?

Now stop and think about sources and veracity of information. Is this story real? How could you find out? If it’s not, what does THAT say? And what are the implications?

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No smoking? You’re joking – what ever happened to freedom of choice?

The title above comes from a campaign group called FOREST (Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco). Russia has announced plans to ban public smoking – something that has caused outcries from some and applause from others. In other countries around the world, similar moves have had varying degrees of success (consider the UK, where smokers are increasingly seen as pariahs, and smoking is even banned now in prisons, and China, where smoking in restaurants is laughingly illegal).

Is smoking a domain for personal choice, or for legal enforcement?

KI – To what extent is it legitimate for the state to limit individual freedoms? What constitutes evidence in policy making decisions (consider passive smoking/cancer links)?

How safe is the food we eat?

More than 900 people have been arrested in China for selling fake or tainted meat in the last three months, state media say.

Officials say they uncovered almost 400 such cases and seized more than 20,000 tonnes of fake meat.

Given this and other food scares in recent times, how sure can we reasonably be that what we are eating won’t harm us? What role does trust (faith?) play in our daily eating habits?

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