Real Life Examples

Looking for contemporary real life examples to illustrate your deep and meaningful exploration of Knowledge Issues?  – Answer ‘yes’ here.. 🙂


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Below are some news stories which struck me as relevant and interesting. You may disagree.


  • Uncontacted Tribes

What are our ethical responsibilities towards uncontacted tribes in the Amazon rainforest?Should we be studying them as we do animals? Should we be offering them modern solutions? Should we be leaving them alone?


  • The Power of Art as protest:

Should art have a message?

  • Ethics and International Trade

BBC News – Dhaka building collapse: Dozens found alive in rubble

BBC Video – The Human Cost of Cheap Clothes

This building collapse in Dakar is certainly relevant to ethics in the treatment of employees and would have fitted well into a discussion of this year’s essay title on ethical responsibility of knowledge. However, there is also the larger ethical issue of TNCs exploiting low wages in developing countries. This could be tied to the well-known Apple-Foxconn story.


Bangladesh building collapse death toll over 800

Bangladesh textile factories shut amid unrest

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