Some previous presentations

These two presentations from the last couple of years show some aspects of the presentation quite well executed. What do you think? Are the Knowledge Questions clear? Are clear claims and counter-claims offered. Have implications been considered? What about use of technology – were slides helpful and adding to the presentation, or did they just repeat what was already being said? What changes would you have recommended to these students?

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TKPPD – Presentation Planning Form

Chinese man sues wife for ugly children and wins

A court case which one would expect to be laughed out of court was not only heard, but ruled in favour of.

What does this say about the society which generated both the claim and the court system which upheld it? What other perspectives might have played a role? What implications are there of this decision for Chinese society?

Now stop and think about sources and veracity of information. Is this story real? How could you find out? If it’s not, what does THAT say? And what are the implications?

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