Grade 11 TOK Day 2

A Presentation Workshop

9.00 – 2.00 Wednesday 22nd January

9.00 – 10.00 Introduction to presentation (inc shared/personal knowledge, knowledge questions, examples)

10.00 – 10.30 Groups for presentation and examples

10.30-10.45 break

10.45 – 11.45 Presentation preparation

11.45 – 12.45 LUNCH

12.45-2.oo Presentations 4 groups – peer grading

Friday lesson – group presentations – peer grading

What are we looking for in a Presentation?

Choosing a Topic.

A good TOK presentation topic,☼ Allows you to explore and evaluate multiple perspectives,
☼ Inspires you to learn and think about something you might not otherwise think about,
☼ Allows you to show off your TOK thinking skills,
☼ Is interesting to you, and hopefully your classmates.

Presentation format ideas

Mock debate
Talk Show
Integrated video, text, and audio
Television program
News broadcast
A rap

Some Possible Topics


Chaos Theory
Phi; the Golden Ratio
The relationship between math and the arts
Why don’t people like math?
Should everyone have to take math?
Can machines know?

Natural Science

What would it be like to think the earth was flat or the sun revolved around earth?
Do Ghosts exist?
What is magic?
Do scientists have a responsibility to consider the uses of their knowledge or should they be concerned only in science for the sake of science? (Atom Bomb, cloning)
Human Genome Project
What is the nature of scientific revolutions?  Pick one (a revolution) and compare it to the theories of scientific revolutions that we learn.
What did dinosaurs look like?  Where did they go?
Has humankind caused global warming?
HIV/Aids – What are the myths and where did they come from?
Creation v. Evolution
The manufacture of generic drugs in India.

Human Sciences

Do statistics lie?
Why are people racist?/Is race real?
The SAT – what does it really tell us?
Population control strategies.

Should factory-style agriculture be banned?
Globalization (can be narrowed in many different ways)



History text books – whose history is the truth?
Did the Holocaust happen?
Why do people believe conspiracy theories?
Does History tell us the truth? Choose any single historical incident and use it to explore the nature and complexities of historical truth.  In what ways in this exploration relevant to understanding the present?  Is there any contemporary incident which illuminates it?
Do movies based on a historical event, time period, or personality help in peoples’ understanding of history or does it interfere with knowing the truth of the history?
What role has the media played in historical events?
How has ethnocentrism influenced history?
Was the Iraq war justified?
History and Science – What is the relationship between the two? How have science and technology influenced our ability to “know” in history? (Carbon dating, DNA testing, computer simulation software)




Does technology help us to learn?
Has technology brought people closer together or driven them further apart?
The Digital Divide
Pick a movie and evaluate the TOK in it.
The terror threat – real or perceived?
How should we live? What is the good life? (Great for role-playing)
Should gay marriage be allowed?
How similar are we to animals?
How free are we to choose our actions and our characters?
Does life have a purpose?
What is art? How can we know which art is good?
What is the connection between the mind and body?
Does madness exist and how can it be determined?
Is the death sentence just?
Should euthanasia be a crime?
Do dreams mean?
Should animal testing be allowed?
What is artificial intelligence?
Is homosexuality a choice?
Is there any evidence for an afterlife/reincarnation?
Can atheism be a moral choice?
Does the soul exist?
What is the evidence for extraterrestrial life?
Are all religions one?
What problems surface when translating and attaching truth to various religious texts?
What are the major differences between the East and the West?
Have women made significant social, economic, and legal gains in the last century?
What should be the limits of science?
Which form of government is best?
How far should genetic engineering go?
Are there real differences between the sexes?
Can dance communicate? (Consider dance performance as a visual)
Do creationism and evolution clash?
Are standardized tests accurate predictors of intelligence and success in college?
Does affirmative action help or harm?


Final TOK PRESENTATION ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT: TOK Presentation Assessment Instrument

Each student must complete and submit a presentation planning document (TK/PPM).TKPPM

This planning flowchart will certainly help you get your ideas into focus:

Presentation flow chart

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