Grade 11 TOK Day – 25th September 2013


This page is intended more as a resource for AFTER the day, for you to check back and reflect on understanding and review some of the resources we used.

That said, here’s Today’s Programme

What is TOK?

What is knowledge?

You will need to download and read this PDF when we do our LAST WORD protocal: how do we know anything?


  • Text-based protocol


  • Ensures a focused conversation on the main idea of a piece of text


  • All participants read common text, identifying one key or meaningful phrase.
  • One participant reads her phrase or statement with no commentary. Each participant comments or makes a connection to this statement.
  • The original speaker responds with a final comment.
  • Repeat for all participants.

Here are the three DVDs we watched in groups. Feel free to watch those you did not get to see.

┬áPerception – The Art of Seeing
Blind Spots and Biases
 Them and Us

Here is a recent Horizon Special exclusively on the senses, from the BBC. Please watch this over the break – we will be refering to it when we come back to class.

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