The Presentation

The presentation is a ten-minute talk, assessed internally by us here at NIS. Your score out of 20 gets added to your essay score to give you a mark out of 60 which is converted to an A-E grade.

The rubric or assessment criteria for the presentation can be found here:

Presentation Assessment Instrument 2015

Advice on Your Theory of Knowledge Presentation 2015

For a really good prezi on how to put your presentation together, look here.


The IB has released some exemplar presentations together with the examiners’ commentaries and the grades awarded. You should make yourself familiar with these. You can watch the presentations here and download the associated files too.

1. Proselytising


2. Science and Prediction

Commentary on Science and Prediction

Part 1 – keynote showing progression of ideas in the presentation

Part 2 – The keynote used in the actual presentation


3, Video Games

4. Culture and Identity

5. Plastic Surgery (1)


TOK presentation comments English final


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