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Watch this TOK presentation and then discuss your views on it:

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Though the aesthetic aspect was great, it spent far too long on the real life situation and it was not related to something that actually happened to the student. What was the knowledge issue? It didn’t talk about Ways of Knowing OR Areas of Knowledge. The presenter should have spent under a minute talking about the RLS and how it related to him, then backed out and focussed more on the knowledge issues, made some clear claims and recognised some counter-claims which might have been made. He then needed to look at the various implications of each set of claims. This was a good, interesting presentation – but it wasn’t a TOK presentation. It did not score well. Whilst attempting to make your presentation exciting and different and cool, NEVER lose sight of the criteria for grading – you are doing this presentation for a reason, and that reason is to explore WHAT WE KNOW and HOW WE KNOW IT.



This three-parter on Perceiving Beauty was by a pair of students who took questions afterwards.



This spoof example has deliberate mistakes. What are they…? 
And finally this one, as much for the content as the TOK: 

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