Syllogisms to try…

What should the conclusion be?


1. All fragile things are breakable things.

Some glassses are fragile things.


a. Some Glasses will break.

b. Some Glasses are breakable things.

c. Some things are breakable.

d. None of the above.


2. No animals are plants.

All sheep are animals.


a. All sheep are plants.

b. All animals are sheep.

c. Some Sheep Are Plants.

d. None of the above.


3. Albert is more intelligent than Louis. Louis is more intelligent than Charles.

Who is the least intelligent of them?

a. Albert. b. Louis. c. Charles.


4. The green watch is less expensive than the blue watch. The blue watch is more expensive than the white one.

Which watch is the least cheap?

a. Green watch. b. Blue watch. c. White watch.



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