Graph Of World Oil Consumption and Production

The first graph illustrates the world’s oil production since the 1980′s. The Middle East has greatly increased its production, however North America has neither increased nor decreased in¬†production, however it could be showing signs of a downward slope.

This graph shows oil consumption by country since the 1960s. The United States showed a large spike during the 1980′s and shows a rapid increase upwards. China also shows a large increase towards 2010, however none of the countries even compare to the amount of oil consumed by the United States.

2 thoughts on “Graph Of World Oil Consumption and Production

  1. Still only 2 graphs here – there should be four. When you add the other two, don’t forget to write about the limitations of each graph as well as just a description of what it shows.

    • my internet wasn’t letting me upload photos to my blog, even with the VPN switched off, these were the only two that I could upload without problems, I will try again today. Sorry for the inconvenience :(