Book Week

Book week is next week! (March 16th-20th) and we would like your help with a few things:

  1. Bell songs – Maximum 15 seconds of you reading a poem, a quote, or some piece of literature.
  2. Shelfies – Bookshelf + Selfie = Shelfie
  3. Spine Poetry – Stack up books to create a poem or short story

Submissions should be placed in the proper folder on teacher large storage here afp:// Week 2015  (link only works in Safari)

We also invite students to submit Shelfies and Spine Poetry and there is a corresponding folder on Student large storage afp:// Week 2015 (link only works in Safari)

Bell songs must be submitted before 5 pm on Wednesday March 11th. For more information, there are examples and instructions in the folder or you can email

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