New Athletics Day Records MYP/DP

Congratulations to all our new Athletics Day Record Breakers. We had a total of 23 new school records in the MYP/DP Athletics Day. The record breakers were:

Jerry Yang (Long Jump), Woojin Kim (Javelin), Ato Underwood (200m), Takita Lee (400m, High Jump, Shot Put), Ati Underwood (Long Jump), Cade Wilburn (Javelin), Pauline Rogalla (800m), Lena Fuchs (1500m, relay), Meghna Ancha (relay), Gloria Bellini (relay), Marie-Sophie Mende (relay), Jihoon Lim (Shot Put), Sasha Tyoschin (800m), Cameron Young (1500m), Olivier Leclerc (Triple Jump), Johanna Rogalla (Triple Jump), Morgan Trainer (Javelin), Freja Lofqvist (Javelin), Emil Burganov (400m, relay), Aziz Burganov (High Jump, relay), Brydie Dwyer (100m), Michelle Lei (relay), Jaren Jones (relay)

Please check the Athletics noticeboard for all the current records.

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