Lucky Draw for Leftover Computers

Please check the QTY of purchase requests for our leftover computers. 

Computer Model QTY of Purchase Request
2012 Model: CPU 2.4G / RAM 4G / HD 500G – 400 RMB ( 7 units available) 15
2012 Model: CPU 2.4G / RAM 8G /HD 500G – 450 RMB ( 2 units available) 16
2012 Model: CPU 2.5G / RAM 8G / HD 500G with Battery Broken – 300 RMB ( only 1 unit available) 2

Tomorrow (March 15th) @15:15, we are going to do the lucky draw for the winners. There will be live show on the screen near the Library. Please come and check.

GOOD LUCK to you!

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