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Outdoor Table Tennis

Now that the weather is cooler it is a great time to be outside during your breaks. The outdoor table tennis tables are there for you to use.

There is a box of bats and balls next to the tables.

Please look after the equipment and put the bats and balls back in the box when you are finished with them. That way,  everyone can enjoy this great sport!!

Day 1 PS Reminders

Happy 25 Years NIS!

8:05am in the Library Foyer:

Everyone is invited for the Last Day Countdown with Laurie and the longest attending student at NIS!

Schedule: (See Kasson’s Final Email)

  • Break: 10am – 10:25am
  • PK-K1 Lunch 1: 11:30 (in the EY Centre) K2 12:00pm (In the EY Centre)
  • Lunch 1:   12noon – 12:30pm
  • Lunch 2: 12.30pm – 1.00pm

Have a great day making history, and a fabulous October Break!



Facility Notice

Dear all,

Informed by the Power Bureau that there will be a power preventive testing on Oct. 4th in school. The testing will start at 8AM and last for about 8 hours. There will be 3 power-cuts during the day, half an hour each.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Facility Department

Facility Notice

Dear All

Due to the maintenance of the equipment, the Fitness Room will be closed for the whole day on the Thursday 4 October and Saturday 6 October 2018.

Thank you for your understanding!


Facility Team

Grade 11 TOK, Thursday 27th September

Dear Knowledge Seekers,

Our TOK lesson today will take place in the drama classroom in the PAC foyer. Please go straight there after Advisory.

See you there,

CremeMelloSeigneur Incorporated


Day 8 PS Reminders

Music In The Foyer:

7:45am Come and enjoy the talents of our year’s first performers in front of the Library.

Collaboration Carousel

3:15 in the EY Centre we will have time to reflect on closing UOI, and look ahead to the next Unit before we head off for break.

Tomorrow is the BIG Day!

Hello NIS Students,

Curious about the plan for tomorrow’s 25 Anniversary Schedule?? Good!

Here’s all you need to do…

  1. Wear as much NIS gear (shirts, hoodies, House shirts, etc) as possible. 
  2. Primary students report to homerooms, as usual.
  3. MS/US student report to assembly in the PAC as usual.
  4. Get ready to spend the day off-timetime creating and collaborating with your fellow students as we celebrate 25 years of NIS.
  5. Note: There will be cupcakes… Delicious cupcakes…

See you all then as we go down in NIS History!

Life 101 Grade 9-12


Grade 9 in the PAC

Grade 10 Cafeteria Mezzanine (This will be a shorter block due to MAP)

Grade 11 Large Music Room

Grade 12 DP Lounge: Independent work on individual goals for university applications, portfolio work or

if not your application time, work on  IAs, EE, TOK, etc Be thoughtful, grade 10 is still MAP testing across the hall.

October 8-9 INSET Schedule DRAFT

Hello Fellow Life-Long Learners,

Please find a DRAFT schedule of our two October INSET days with Dr. Kathy Perez here. Though some of the wording and focus of individual sessions may change, the overall structure will likely stay the same. The context of this work is to continue to hone our craft around differentiation as we seek to personalize the learning experience for each of our students. A worthy endeavor, for sure!

Please see SET with any questions about INSET at this time.


Grades 9-12 Life 101 Today Thursday

Hello all!  Please note the change in location.

MAP testing for Block 1 until 9:40.  Block 2 9:40 to 10:20

Grades 9-11 got to the PAC

Grade 12 go to  Lounge.  This is designated time to work on university research and applications,  such as letters of recommendation, essays and other documents.

Also, portfolio work with Mr. Kay.

Wed Oct 10 FCD Assembly for MS/US

Hello Advisors and Advisees,

On Wednesday, October 10, right after we come back from break, FCD:  Freedom from Chemical Dependency

prevention specialists will host an assembly after Advisory during block 1 in the PAC.

Grades 6-8 Assembly 8:10-8:35

Grades 9-12 Assembly 8:40-9:15

Please be on time.  Teachers, you are not expected to attend this Assembly.

Have a great break everyone!


Fall MAP Finale Today-Read Carefully!

Today is our final day of MAP testing this semester!

Here is the plan:

1. Grades 8 and 10 will conquer the Maths MAP at 8:10am this morning…

8A-Ms. Merrylees, 8B-Ms. Law, 8C-Mr. Chesterman

10A-Stevens in MS/US LGR, 10B-Dutton in D220

2. A MAP Wrap-Up session will be held from Block Three TODAY in various locations around school. Students involved received an email from Mr. Bratton this morning (Check now!). Your Advisors also have these lists in their inbox.

3. Our Grade 8’s and 10’s that do not complete their Math MAP this morning should report to the following locations during Block Three as well. Please don’t make us track you down!

Grade 8: The Drama Classroom in the PAC

Grade 10: The Pamoja Classroom across from Ms. Ham’s office

Thanks everyone! 

CMB Notice

CMB will CLOSE on October 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and OPEN on October 2 (Tue) & 7 (Sun), 2018 during National Day Holiday.

Any application for telegraphic transfer and foreign currency exchange will NOT be processed at CMB from October 1 to 7, 2018.

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