Archive | October 12, 2018

Grade 12 Extended Advisory Session

Good morning, Grade 12.

Please make your way to the lounge after checking in with your Advisor. Bring your laptops; we’ll be discussing Grade 12 Focus Week (AKA: Discover China Work Week).

See you there!

INSET Feedback Survey: Last Call

Happy Friday!

If you are not one of the 50 people that have given quality feedback to inform our future professional learning, you might think you’ve missed your chance…but, NAY, NAY, NAY!

You can still give feedback until today at 4pm via this link. This tool has been built for your survey-taking enjoyment, because we all know that “work made fun, gets done!”

As the age-old proverb says, “Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it!”



University of San Diego Today

Hello all,

The University of San Diego will be stopping by today at 10:40 in LGR to talk about the programs, sports and scholarships

offered at their school.  Stop by and grab a brochure and ask some questions.

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