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ETC field test today-come and support your colleague

Monday Oct 29th  Day 7 12:55-13:45

Workshop presenter: Angie Battye & Lee Mayes

Venue: Green gym classroom (the room at Green gym near to the changing room area)

Grade level(s) and/or target audience: Kindergarten – G5

Updated title: Healthier Stronger Smarter – Why Physical Activity should be the building blocks of every school curriculum!

Society has evolved and children spending less time being physically active, and more time sitting around, ‘playing’ on electronic devices.What if we were to tell you that physical activity, is an essential building block when it comes to learning, and, if planned into the daily curriculum, there are a multitude of positive benefits, scientifically proven to drastically increase both the body and brains capacity to learn. Let us take you on a journey into the body and learn about the simple yet profound benefits of adding more physical activity into the school curriculum.

Check Your 3-Way Conference Schedule

Here is how you can check your schedule for the 3- way conference, seeing how many parents have signed up to meet you.

1. Login to veracross teacher portal.

2. At the right side of the website, please find “Conf. Schedule” under the “Curriculum/Planning” section.

3. It will open your 3-way conference schedule in a PDF file. You can save your schedule as a PDF file using “Print to PDF” button at the top right corner.

Please try and let us know if you have any question. Thanks.

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