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ETC field test today-come and support your colleagues

Tuesday Oct 30th Day 8 12:35-13:25
Workshop presenter: Joe Barder & Lee Mayes
Venue: G2C C109
Workshop topic or subject area: Physical Education/Health/Technology
Grade level(s) and/or target audience: Primary School, PE, Reggio-inspired educators, Advisory Teachers, Teacher-Parents
Workshop title:

Unplug, Reboot, and Play – Games for Boosting Learning

Description of workshop:
The goal of our workshop is to demonstrate how you can harness the power of gaming and design to “unplug” and “reboot” your students to be ready for learning. Broken into 3 chunks, participants will receive information about the science behind gaming, activity and the brain; learn the mechanics behind addictive apps in physical games designed by the presenters; and, apply these principles in the creation of your own game.

TGIF Social Club event

The Social Club will host a TGIF this Friday 2nd November at the New ‘Aquarius” Whiskey Bar. 6th floor roof of Dream Square.

Best option is to use the elevator next to the KFC shop and take it to the 6th floor.

Snacks and some drinks provided. Starts at 4pm. Everyone welcome.

PS. The next TTOF (Travel Tips on Friday) will be on Friday 16th November in the staff room at 4pm. Details to follow.

The Social Committee

SCISAC helpers needed!

Lots of volunteers are needed at the SCISAC tournament. You will running after balls that are kicked out of bounds. So sign up and help! You can ONLY sign up for ONE session during the school day (Thursday and Friday).

Certain times are for reserved for certain grades:

SCISAC Soccer helpers needed for Nov 1-3. You can ONLY sign up for ONE session during the school day (Thursday and Friday). Some sessions will be for certain grades.

Possible Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.
  2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.
  3. Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS/SA experiences.
  4. Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.
  5. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

Session Th1 14:15-15:45 (x12) – grade 8/9

Session Th2 15:30-17:00 (x12) – grade 10

Session F1 08:20-10:20 (x12) – grade 10

Session F2 10:20-12:00 (x12) – grade 8/9

Session F3 12:00-12:50 (x12) – grade 6/7

Session F4 13:20-15:10 (x12) – grade 6/7

Session F5 15:10-16:45 (x12) – grade 6-10


Session S1 08:05-09:50 (x12) – grade 6-10

Session S2 09:50-11:45 (x12) – grade 6-10

Session S3 11:45-14:00 (x12) – grade 6-10

Session S4 14:00-16:00 (x12) – grade 6-10

Session S5 16:00-17:00 (x8) – grade 6-10


Thanks for you support.

ACAMIS Speech and Debate

Join ACAMIS Speech and Debate in Dulwich Beijing on January 26 and 27th. A student-initiated event!!!!

Deadline to express interest is Wednesday, October 31st. Please see Mr Hammond.

Cost to be determined.

The Debate for Change Tournament (DCT) is a student-initiated event designed to bridge service and debating together. Through a knock-on debate competition, we hope to raise awareness for three local charities: HOPE (Horses Offering People Enrichment), the Yunnan Project and MCF (Migrant Children’s Foundation). As DCT is not-for-profit and has the support of the ACAMIS Service Learning Grant, all funds will go towards running costs and local charities. At the end of the competition, the winning teams will be able to choose which charity the money raised from the competition will go towards. In this way, students will grow as critical thinkers, collaborate as debaters, and gain awareness of our local community while interacting with fundraising in a more personal and engaging way.

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