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Tuesday Oct 30th Day 8 12:35-13:25
Workshop presenter: Joe Barder & Lee Mayes
Venue: G2C C109
Workshop topic or subject area: Physical Education/Health/Technology
Grade level(s) and/or target audience: Primary School, PE, Reggio-inspired educators, Advisory Teachers, Teacher-Parents
Workshop title:

Unplug, Reboot, and Play – Games for Boosting Learning

Description of workshop:
The goal of our workshop is to demonstrate how you can harness the power of gaming and design to “unplug” and “reboot” your students to be ready for learning. Broken into 3 chunks, participants will receive information about the science behind gaming, activity and the brain; learn the mechanics behind addictive apps in physical games designed by the presenters; and, apply these principles in the creation of your own game.

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