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We need your Help!

We have a lot of service opportunities for you!

  • RFG Christmas Market
  • Tutoring at Local Chinese Kindergarten at Crystal Hill
  • Score Keeper at a Basketball Invitational Tournament hosted by NIS
  • Trash Busters
  • Giving Tree

Sign up on Veracross or drop by the Activities Office today!


PS Music and Math!

Come join us at 7:45am for some delightful  Music in the Foyer! (Thank you Heidi!)

House Math Challenge: Brought to you by Taiping

The plan this year is to give students the choice of trying up to 10 different math stations. Once at a station, there are 3 different options of challenge for them to choose from. The scorekeepers will award up to 10 points based on a students ability to explain their thinking (either in words, pictures or numbers) and the creativity of their solutions.
Please read the following details to ensure that you and your students are ready for the event.
  1. Start Time 8:10am
  2. Please have students bring their math notebook and a pencil (clipboard optional)
  3. Please ask your students to wear their house colors
  4. Students have the option of working alone, in pairs or in a group of 3… please have this organized prior to arriving
  5. On arrival to the Green Gym, students will sit in house groups for brief instructions before starting
  6. Scorekeepers (see below) will move to their stations and be given clipboards with tally charts for points
  7. If you are not a scorekeeper (see below), then you are floating and managing traffic and behavior

Math Challenges (G1 – G5)

* Feel free to discuss these with your class ahead of time… or not… most are self-explanatory
Station 1 – Calculation – Scorekeepers: Amanda Xie, Alex, Susan
Station 2 – Which One Doesn’t Belong? – Scorekeepers: Junlah, Sunny, Mel
Station 3 – Estimation – Scorekeepers: Lee, Diana, Echo
Station 4 – Would You Rather? – Scorekeepers: Betina, Heika, Seth
Station 5 – Patterns – Scorekeepers: Kelli, Ian
Station 6 – Squares – Scorekeepers: Angie Romero, Lucia, Tom
Station 7 – 100s Chart – Scorekeepers: Cal, Anna K, Tye
Station 8 – Area – Scorekeepers: Adam, Ray, Heidi
Station 9 – Parts of a Whole – Scorekeepers: Julie, Anouk, Melody
Station 10 – Missing Digits – Scorekeepers: Zach, Lily, Steven
Math Challenges (K2)
Station 1 – Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Station 2 – Tangrams
Station 3 – Number Tracing (or Number Tracing Addition)

Global Citizen Diploma – GCD

To help our students tell their stories, NIS is implementing the Global Citizen Diploma. This program provides all students a platform to tell us (and the world) who they are. We are not making them do more. We are asking them to tell us what they are doing inside and outside of school. There will be more info for teachers, parents and students. Here is the website if you want a peek:

On Friday after assembly, we will be giving a very brief GCD introduction to the grades 8 and 9. We will be asking for interested students to apply to attend the GCD-UP workshop in Hong Kong during CNY. Students and teachers from all 5 GCD schools will meet to learn, to share, to be empowered. This should take around 10 minutes. We will share the presentation on 365.



Exam Week Activities

Students in Grades 7-10….. some of you have not signed up for any activities during exam week…. you need to login to Veracross and get signing up:

Grade 7

Nele, Alvina, Simon (Bangce), Jia, Edwin

Grade 8

Shinyeong, Beto, Tianyue, Toni

Grade 9

Geonyoung, Thomas (He), Max, Lara, JaeHong, Joshua, Ahjna

Grade 10

Yanqing, Seongmin, Jumin, Riccardo

Library – a quiet place to study

The library will be a “quiet zone” for the next two weeks, with computers and phones to be used for educational purposes only and noisy conversations to be held elsewhere. The quiet zone begins Monday!

PS Seasonal Musings

‘Tis the season…Staff, friends, families, students, and even pets can sense the approaching holidays. For some this time might mean a major transition for a family. For others, it may mean being bored stiff at home with no friends to play with. For most, it is an exciting time to relax or be adventurous with friends and family. Either way their tends to be a lot of emotion about this time of year. We can help each other and our students during the next two and a half weeks by:

  • Revisiting common agreements in the classroom and around campus.
  • Taking time to check-in and talk with students.
  • Do diligence by keeping students accountable for their behavior.
  • Breathe, smile, and patiently wait for students to meet your expectations.

They will love you all the more for it!

Xiamen Cultural Convention 2019

Join a fabulous trip to Xiamen where Cultural Convention will take place in March 2019. 76 ACAMIS schools have been invited. Workshops will be given in Devised Theatre, Latin Dance, ACAMIS Big Band, Fashion Design and Taiko Drumming.

This is a fantastic opportunity where is would be possible to achieve the following strands of CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY and SERVICE as well as all the learning outcomes:

  • Strength and growth
  • Challenge and skills
  • Initiative and planning
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • Showing perseverance and commitment
  • Global engagement
  • Ethics of choice and actions

Drop by the Activities Office today for more information. The deadline is December 1st.

Video Review wants you to join! 

This message is from the Video Review team: 

The Video Review Team is a small group that films and produces video coverage of the year’s special events. We’re looking to grow and want to encourage anyone and everyone who may be interested to apply.

Team members are expected to film and edit a 40 second clip with a partner for an event/s they’re assigned. You’ll be able to choose, however, we need flexibility as well.

Prospective members should have an interest in production and post-production for film/video. Knowing the basic of camera operation, cinematography, editing and post-production is a huge plus but not a requirement as you’ll learn with an experienced member.

Commitment and reliability is essential as many events take place after school or on weekends.

How to Apply:

With a limited number of spaces available we want to see your interest. Showcase your cinematography, editing, or sound design!

To apply, submit 1 short video no longer then 40 seconds. The only restriction is the video you submit must be your own work, if you worked on it with a team let us know your role. If you use footage that you did not film, acknowledge that in the submission.

Send your submissions in the form of a link published through Microsoft Media Stream to Mr. Madalinski before January 8th, 2019.

We as a team will review the videos and select new members based solely on the quality, ability, and initiative shown in your submission.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask any member of the Video Review team; Grade 12: Nancy, Grade 11: Winston, Roy, Anthony or Mayvelyn, Grade 10: Luigi, Grade 9: Edwin or Sean, and Grade 8 Oscar. You may also speak to Mr. Madalinski.

People who applied will be notified by email by January 11th, 2019.

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