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Come join us at 7:45am for some delightful  Music in the Foyer! (Thank you Heidi!)

House Math Challenge: Brought to you by Taiping

The plan this year is to give students the choice of trying up to 10 different math stations. Once at a station, there are 3 different options of challenge for them to choose from. The scorekeepers will award up to 10 points based on a students ability to explain their thinking (either in words, pictures or numbers) and the creativity of their solutions.
Please read the following details to ensure that you and your students are ready for the event.
  1. Start Time 8:10am
  2. Please have students bring their math notebook and a pencil (clipboard optional)
  3. Please ask your students to wear their house colors
  4. Students have the option of working alone, in pairs or in a group of 3… please have this organized prior to arriving
  5. On arrival to the Green Gym, students will sit in house groups for brief instructions before starting
  6. Scorekeepers (see below) will move to their stations and be given clipboards with tally charts for points
  7. If you are not a scorekeeper (see below), then you are floating and managing traffic and behavior

Math Challenges (G1 – G5)

* Feel free to discuss these with your class ahead of time… or not… most are self-explanatory
Station 1 – Calculation – Scorekeepers: Amanda Xie, Alex, Susan
Station 2 – Which One Doesn’t Belong? – Scorekeepers: Junlah, Sunny, Mel
Station 3 – Estimation – Scorekeepers: Lee, Diana, Echo
Station 4 – Would You Rather? – Scorekeepers: Betina, Heika, Seth
Station 5 – Patterns – Scorekeepers: Kelli, Ian
Station 6 – Squares – Scorekeepers: Angie Romero, Lucia, Tom
Station 7 – 100s Chart – Scorekeepers: Cal, Anna K, Tye
Station 8 – Area – Scorekeepers: Adam, Ray, Heidi
Station 9 – Parts of a Whole – Scorekeepers: Julie, Anouk, Melody
Station 10 – Missing Digits – Scorekeepers: Zach, Lily, Steven
Math Challenges (K2)
Station 1 – Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Station 2 – Tangrams
Station 3 – Number Tracing (or Number Tracing Addition)
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