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Vegan Beauty Product Sampling for a Personal Project

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lucy and I will be in the staff lounge at the beginning of lunch to showcase some of her Personal Project items and she would love your feedback in how to develop and improve the products.

Please come over and spend a couple minutes of your time trying some of these Vegan Beauty Products.

Ben and Lucy

P.S The products include a Sea Salt Body Scrub, Moisturising Lip Oil and Hand lotion


Grade 9s: Course Choice Forms Due

Hi, Grade 9:

Your course choices are due today. So far, I have only received 5 of the entire grade level.

Please submit your form to my office (D207b) by 4:00pm today.

If I am not in my office, please place your form in the pink basket on my desk.

Xie xie,

Ms Ham

Help us to help you

Talk to the us Anonymously!

If you have any problems or suggestions that you would like to discuss with the SC, being completely anonymous and without being judged or recognized please feel free to contact us via our very own anonymous interaction system.

Just visit or scan the code below.

CMB Notice

CMB will CLOSE on February 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and OPEN IN LIMITED HOURS on February 4 (9:00-15:00) & 8 (10:00-15:00), 2019 during CNY.

Any application for telegraphic transfer and foreign currency exchange will NOT be processed at CMB from February 4 to 10, 2019.

Club: Dance

Want to be cool? Want to have a cool talent? Want to dance?

Sign up on Veracross to learn hip hop and have fun with Emily and Juno.

You can learn hip-hop dance movements, elements, routines and dances by the end of the cycle.

Mondays after schools, starting Feb 19th


Juno and Emily

New Students and Ambassadors’ meeting today @lunch

If you are a new student or ambassador who took part of the transition process, please come to the Large Group Room (LGR) at the beginning of lunch today. Please bring your computers and appetite as we will also have a pizza lunch available. See you then.

Mr. Yuen & Mrs. Galaty

3-way Conference Lunch for staff

Pls be advised the lunch catering on 3 way conference today can be purchased in the Center Cafe.

Chartwells are serving Swedish meatballs/Pan fried chicken with Mango salad / Curry Dahl with fried rice (vegetarian option).

All items are for purchase as usual.

Snack and drinks are still available in DeliMarche bar in Cafeteria.

Wish you a nice day!

Grade 9 into 10 subject choice forms due

Hi, Grade 09.

Please remember to hand in your subject choices by tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm.

There is a pink basket on the desk in my office (D207b) ready to receive your form.

If you have any questions, make sure to come and see me.


Ms Ham

Grade 5 Exhibition

What is so wonderful about our planet?

What would you like to share with future generations?

Dear Colleagues, Parents, Students,

Grade 5 is starting its preparations for the Exhibition (“Sharing The Planet”). As we start to discuss the act of sharing the planet with our students, we’re first going to tune in to what we’re sharing.

We’re asking them, you, anyone who passes through the Grade 5 hallway to contribute to our inspiration wall that asks all and sundry what you love about our planet, what you’d like people to know about, what you imagine passing on to our descendants. Have a look; share a thought. We would love to see the world, and show the world to our students, through your eyes.

Grade 5 Team

Check 3-Way Conference Schedule (for Teachers)

Here is how you can check your schedule for the 3- way conference, seeing how many parents have signed up to meet you.

1. Login to veracross teacher portal.

2. At the right side of the website, please find “Conf. Schedule” under the “Curriculum/Planning” section.

3. It will open your 3-way conference schedule in a PDF file. You can save your schedule as a PDF file using “Print to PDF” button at the top right corner.

Please try and let us know if you have any question. Thanks.

Knitting for a Cause

HATS, HATs, HAts, Hats, hats!

If you have already signed up, there is a short meeting today in D208 (French/Korean class) at 12.35pm. I will explain to you the purpose and goal of our club. I will also be handing out the material and giving you a quick tutorial on how to knit.


New sigh up link for CNY activities this Friday

Dear MS/US colleagues,

Here is the new link for the schedule sign up.


This Friday G1-G5 student will host CNY interactive activities for all students on Feb.1st, day 3, Friday. The activities are:

-剪纸 Paper Cutting

-眉心画 Eyebrows Painting

-射击 Archery

-拓印 Rubbing Printing

-投壶 Tou Hu

-福字 “Fu” Calligraphy

-步摇制作  Step Shake making

-筷子技能比赛 Chopstick challenge

All 8 activities will be running at 2 venues, Hutong and foyer outside of library. G1-G5 students have been prepare these by themselves and ready for our guest to come and have fun with them.

We are inviting MS/US to come and interacting with our PS student with the spirit of celebrating Chinese New Year. We are opening block 3 and block 4 for MS/US to sign up a time to come.

More details to come from our G1-G5 students on Feb.1st.


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