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Accidental Theatre returns! Here’s how to get involved…

Was your May miserable last year? Did your spring not sparkle? Was it because you missed the chance to witness a small-scale, intimate, unpredictable, comically outrageous theatre show? Fear not! Accidental Theatre is back!

Well, it’s only back if you want to take part. A theatre company needs actors, and we are looking for actors right now. Are you in Grade 8 to 11? Are you an actor? Have you already performed in school productions or elsewhere? Or are you in the habit of watching theatre shows thinking ‘I could do that’? Are you able to commit to Monday and Thursday after-school rehearsal times, and a performance in mid-May? Would you show up faithfully with lines learned and energy to spare? 
If so, see Mr.Brown in the Black Box or Mr.Hammond in D214 to find out what it’s all about. Auditions will be held week beginning 21st January.

Assembly Meeting

Could student council members, who will be presenting during Friday’s assembly, please come for a short meeting at lunch today in my office (D248). Thank you.


Mr. Yuen

ACAMIS Chinese New Year Greeting Card Challenge

The Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) component of ACAMIS hosts an annual Chinese New Year Greeting Card Challenge. All member schools are invited to participate. A winner will be selected from each grade level and the artworks displayed on the ACAMIS website. Digital greeting cards with the winning images will also be sent out to all member schools. Here is how to participate:

1. Open to all grades and classes (not just art!) from K-12.
2. Participating schools will select a single submission for up to three grade levels (Primary, Middle, and Secondary).
3. Submissions should be medium resolution for digital viewing (around 120 ppi).
4. Submissions should be in either jpeg or pdf format.
5. No student or school names should appear in the greeting card.
6. Please include the words: “ACAMIS” and a positive, new year greeting in the design.
7. Submissions should be made using our Padlet
8. Deadline for submission is Thursday, January 17th.

Weekly Bulletin – reminder on how to submit/deadlines etc

The bulletin is published mid afternoon on Fridays on the website and via Veracross to all parents and staff. It is a public document and checked by Laurie each week.

The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Wednesdays.

If you have a problem with this please let Sue know as soon as possible.

Important information is translated into Korean and Chinese. If you are not sure if this applies to your article ask Sue or Kasson.

There are two options : Weekly Bulletin and Banner/Poster. Instructions on each are contained in the drop down box.
The poster part relates to the information that is loaded on the hi-tec screen in the Centre Foyer near the Reception Counter. All other items are displayed throughout the week on the screen next to the PTA Shop.

There is a hard copy in the school foyer by the entrance to the Cafeteria.

In order for us to edit or update please submit your entries in Word.

We do not allow any family names of students. First names only. We also observe strict guidelines on use of student photos. If you need clarification see Ruth.

If you have any problems submitting files, address any technical issues to :

Thanks for your support
Sue N

Admissions Office

Recycling, re-using, re-purposing: Personal Project Clothes Collection

Do you have any old t-shirts or other clothes you’re no longer using?

If so, please donate them to my Personal Project. I will be re-purposing the clothes and creating bags for people to use instead of plastic ones. These bags can then be used for shopping, taking to the beach or any other purpose!

There will be a labelled box in the Centre foyer all week until Friday 11th January for you to donate your t-shirts or other clothes.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks very much!

Hyemin Han (Grade 10)



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