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Speech & Debate – last minute request

The Speech & Debate team leaves for a tournament in Beijing on Friday, 25th January, and returns to Nanjing on the evening of the 27th. There are 16 students taking part, plus me as the only teacher…so far.

Could anyone else join this trip so that there are enough teachers present?

It involves no extra work before or after the trip, and no duties while there. It would simply be to accompany us to and from Beijing and to be at the hotel over two nights.

If anyone is willing to come along please get in touch with me. It would be very much appreciated by not only me but all the students!

Largestorage and Fileserver updates!

Happy (Western) New Year and Welcome Back!

We recently upgraded the access protocols to our Largestorage and Fileservers at NIS, so if you’ve been experiencing problems connecting to them, that is why. But don’t worry! Here are the instructions for updating the settings on your computer if you access from school:

  1. CMD+K keyboard shortcut will open the Connect to Server window below:
  2. For LargeStorage  access: smb://    OR  smb://
  3. For FileServer access: smb://     OR  smb://

Note that the SMB part is quite important and the main difference.

If you are trying to connect via the links on the school website from home, come and see us in IT for help, or, if you are so inclined, follow the (slightly) more complicated directions below:

  • While at school you need to download the new SSL VPN Client Software by doing the following:
    1. Connect to with a web browser

    2. Type your username and password (i.e. your Veracross login information)

    3. Choose the correct installer for your operating system (MacOS version)

    4. Save the file to your computer

    5. Click install.

  • Once installed:
    1. Select the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL from your Applications
    2. When asked for server, type
    3. Enter your username and password (same as before)
    4. Click the Connect button, and the VPN connection should be established.

Congratulations, you should now be able to securely connect to the Fileserver and Largestorage servers from home using the SMB protocol.

Once again, if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us in IT!


The NIS IT Department

Recycling, reusing, repurposing: Personal Project Clothes Collection

Do you have any old t-shirts or other clothes you’re no longer using?

If so, please donate them to my Personal Project. I will be re-purposing the clothes and creating bags for people to use instead of plastic ones. These bags can then be used for shopping, taking to the beach or any other purpose!

There will be a labelled box in the Centre foyer all week until Friday 11th January for you to donate your t-shirts or other clothes.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks very much!

Hyemin Han (Grade 10)

Chinese Drumming Club – NEAMC

 The Chinese Drumming club will be presenting at this year’s North East Asia Mathematics Competition. Rehearsals will be every Wednesday during the first half of lunch – there will also be a 3 hour weekend rehearsal (date to be determined). This performance will be part of the “Arts in the Community” programme.

There are limited drums available, so all members should come promptly to the music room today at 12:50 to ensure they have a spot.

Please go to studentlargestorage / music / sheet music / drumming to get your rehearsal files.

Outside or Inside for Break?

If you’re wondering whether you need to be inside or outside for break, and curious about the AQI readings that NIS uses to determine this, please make sure to check the NIS Website’s Community section or the Activities‘ page. This is where we pull the AQI data for our LCD screens and to determine if the AQI levels are at a safe level for our Staff and Students to be playing outside.

Community Page

Activities Page


>150 = indoors for Early Years

>200 = indoors for Everyone

Stay healthy! Be helpful, be kind, be safe!

Service as Action/CAS updates on ManageBac

This is a reminder to all students from Grades 6-12 to have their Service as Action or CAS experiences updated on ManageBac (MB) by Friday, Jan 11 at 9pm (Beijing Time!). After this time, MB will be LOCKED until further notice.

Please remember that in order to receive an ACADEMIC achievement award in the first semester, you need to achieve a certain number of points AND meet the requirements for


Here are the minimum expectations (but the minimum is no guarantee you qualify for a Service Award at the end of the year):

ManageBac entries are fully completed ONLY when you have included these things:

-Description (answer who, what, where, when, why)

-Smart Goal (this is your PERSONAL goal)

-Outcome (grade 6-10 can only focus on ONE outcome.)

-Reflection (explain facts, feelings, findings, future, smart goal, outcome – write it bold face) can be written, audio or video

-Evidence (this can be a photo/video of you doing the experience, an email to you from supervisor, a photo of a trophy or certificate, etc.)

Please see the emails from Nov 15/Jan 3 for more details. If you need help, first please ask your advisory teacher. I can also support you if you need more help, please email me.

Anna Yuen

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