Service as Action/CAS updates on ManageBac

This is a reminder to all students from Grades 6-12 to have their Service as Action or CAS experiences updated on ManageBac (MB) by Friday, Jan 11 at 9pm (Beijing Time!). After this time, MB will be LOCKED until further notice.

Please remember that in order to receive an ACADEMIC achievement award in the first semester, you need to achieve a certain number of points AND meet the requirements for


Here are the minimum expectations (but the minimum is no guarantee you qualify for a Service Award at the end of the year):

ManageBac entries are fully completed ONLY when you have included these things:

-Description (answer who, what, where, when, why)

-Smart Goal (this is your PERSONAL goal)

-Outcome (grade 6-10 can only focus on ONE outcome.)

-Reflection (explain facts, feelings, findings, future, smart goal, outcome – write it bold face) can be written, audio or video

-Evidence (this can be a photo/video of you doing the experience, an email to you from supervisor, a photo of a trophy or certificate, etc.)

Please see the emails from Nov 15/Jan 3 for more details. If you need help, first please ask your advisory teacher. I can also support you if you need more help, please email me.

Anna Yuen

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