Save Your Work Easier!

Attention students in grades 4-12!

Ever finish a great idea on the whiteboard, white-table or notebook and want to save it in a format that you can easily use for class? Want something better than just snapping a picture with your phone only to have to try and remember what day you took it, or what the picture immediately before and after it was? Do you wish it was searchable?

Well, Office 365 just made it a lot easier! Make your lives easier by downloading the OneDrive App on your phone or iPad today!

Create folders on the fly or use the ones that you’ve copied from your desktop, snap a picture, then select the folder and name the pic and voila! You have a neat photo or PDF now saved exactly where you need it (and it’s searchable from your laptop, tablet, or phone). Stay tuned for more info coming soon from a teacher or tech coach near you!

Download to your mobile device of choice here:

For a quick overview of how it works, check out the video for what it looks like on an Android Device below!

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