T-shirt logo design competition

NISSAC invites you to join a T-shirt designing competition! Next year, NIS is hosting ACAMIS volleyball in October 2019.


You must submit a design that meet these requirements:

– Original design

– Design for both the front and back of the T-shirt

– Submit as photoshop file

– Include all competing schools’ name AND/OR logos

– Include the ACAMIS logo

– Include the words ‘orange division’

– include your name on the shirt


Logos can be found here:

smb:// Competition_ACAMIS VBALL_2019/Logos


Deadline: 9pm, June 10th

Submit on the Student Large Storage server in a PHOTOSHOP FILE under:

smb:// Competition_ACAMIS VBALL_2019


This experience can be counted as creativity for CAS.

The winning design will be selected by the NISSAC team.

May the best design win.


If you have any question please email .



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