“Local” servers

Greetings all,

For those that are wondering where our “local” servers went (i.e. Largestorage for teachers and students, or the old Fileserver) they can all be found at the new, singular address here:


At school, login with your username and password (just like for wifi), and you’ll see them there. If you’re unsure of what this is, ask a colleague or send us an email, or even better stop by our new office and ask us in person.

As in past years we have cleared out the LargeStorage folders to make room for the new year. If there is something you would like back, please send a ticket to IT-Help with the following information:

  • The server name (e.g. Student Largestorage)
  • The “exact” name of the folder or document (e.g. Kasson’s Beach Photos 2018)

Then swing by so we can pop it onto a flash drive or your computer. We do keep archives, but we try to keep space on the current server for the current year’s work.

And if you miss this bulletin – I guarantee I will be re-posting it at least 15 times throughout the year!


Joe and the IT Team


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