Giving Tree Homeroom/Advisory Contest Week 2 Update

We are in the home stretch with the Giving Tree Homeroom/Advisory Contest and it looks like it’s going to be a close one. In the MSUS Division, Mrs. Merrylees’ advisory have taken the lead with the purchase of 18 Giving Tree cards and Mr Fielke’s Grade 5 class continues to lead the PS Division with 10 Giving Tree cards. With only a few days left, both divisions are still in contention and those two #9 Pizzeria pizza parties are up for grabs. If you and your homeroom/advisory want to give, there’s still time. Email Mr. Romero and he’ll deliver as many cards as your group wants to purchase.

I remind all advisors that not only does the drive end on Friday, but we need cards and money turned in by the end of the day on December 6th. Thank you to everyone for your support and generosity.


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