Student-Led Club from Grade 9 Mingeon

If you are interested in Medical and Economic please sign up Veracross to join Grade 9 Mingeon’s organized Clubs, here is the description for your information:

Club Title: Medical study club
Supervision: Ms.Wang, Ms.Fischl
Grade/s: 8~12
Category: clubs
Venue: D225
Day of the Week: Wednesday, 3:15~4:15
Short Description: Extend your knowledge on common diseases and symptoms by listening lectures by an incumbent surgeon! Get a basic preview on what it is to study in the medical field.

Give it a go if you are interested!

Club Title: NIS Economic forum
Grade/s: 9~12
Venue: Library
Day of the Week: Monday 3:15~4:15
Short Description: We will be discussing about specific economic problems world wide each week. You don’t need to be a great speaker or a debater; you just need to know how to read sentences. You will read about a certain problem in the weekends, then discuss their personal perspectives in the club with the members; if you cannot manage their time to read the book, researching is not a problem.

Please don’t be scared of the name…

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