Service Award Nominations


We are now accepting student applications and teacher nominations for the Middle School Service Award.

Does the student meet the eligibility criteria?

  • Has the student significantly exceeded the minimum number of Service as Action and Volunteering experiences for the year?
  • Has the student fully documented service experiences on ManageBac?
  • Has the student shown evidence of deep reflective thinking and personal growth in line with the required outcomes?
  • Has the student actively promoted good community relationships & responsible citizenship?

If the answer is YES to all four questions, please apply for an Award.

Who can apply?

  • Students can self-nominate – apply for themselves.
  • Advisory teachers can also nominate students in their advisory.

The MS Service Application 2020 is the same for both self-nomination and teacher nomination.

How to apply?

Simply explain in 300 words or in 3 mins how the student actively promoted good community relationship and responsible citizenship.

The answer can be a written paragraph, video or audio recording.

Please send your application to Ms Anna BEFORE Wednesday, June 10, 9pm.

Good Luck!


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