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Monday Staff Briefing Minutes

Below are the notes from Monday’s Staff Briefing:

Laurie- Welcome back Scott! He will be working alternate days in the Admission’s office.

Bella- BTT- Next Day 1 updated BTT rota; look for updates about responsibilities/ expectations

Andy and Laurie- Pfrang Gala- Oct. 23rd; new venue Kapinsky Hotel; dinner, dancing, The gala  is the #1 fundraising event  for the association. There will be special deals for a night’s stay with the hotel.

Alex- From today facilities will provide online ticketing assistant for maintenance. Yellow forms will be phased out by end of week.

Oksana- Sub Rota updated (for secondary)


Opening of New Corridor

This weekend the walls will come down! Starting Monday, the corridor reconnecting the Library Foyer to the rest of our hallways will be open for use. PS teachers please take time during the extended homeroom time to discuss ways we will:

Be kind; Be safe; and Be ready to help within the new space. It might be a good idea to take a tour together.

There will not be access to the Early Years Center, nor the adjoining facilities. We do hope everyone though will get a chance to enjoy the new corridor, reconnect, and get a glimpse of the fabulous new space.


PS Friday Reminders

Music in the Foyer starts this morning at 7:45am in the Library Foyer. Come enjoy some wonderful performances.

Grades 2-5 please be seated by 8:10am in the Green Gym for our Athletics Day Awards Assembly. Homeroom teachers please accompany your class to the Awards Ceremony and then return to homerooms until MS Ambassadors announce to be ready for the Leavers Ceremony Honor Guard approximately between 9:00 and 9:15am.

PK-Grade 1 can expect Ambassadors to come by and let us know when to be in our designated positions for the Honor Guard.



PS Programme

We’ll begin this afternoon’s PS Programme out on the grass field at 2:45pm for some team building. Afterwards we’ll return to our TLCs and Lit By Design groups, until we reconvene for some reflection time at 4:00pm in the Faculty Lounge.

Week 24 PS Programme Meeting

We will start in the Green Gym at 2:45pm with a fun Team Building Energizer, and then move on into our PD groups at 3:00pm. We’ll close together in the Faculty Lounge at 4:00pm.

PS Reminders Day 1

Junlah and Adam are away today at the PYP EAST Network meeting in Suzhou.

Thursday Carousel: Please indicate to Integration Specialist which rooms you will be meeting in for UOI planning.

Day 3 PS Reminders

Happy Friday!

We are looking forward to this morning’s Grade 1 Performances in the PAC at 8:10am.

Also today:

The Random Acts of Kindness Club will be leading a fun Primary School game as well as offering the gift of music in the foyer tomorrow. The performances will be delivered at the second half of lunch ( at around 1:20pm) and the ‘raketeers’ performing for us are as follows:


For those participating in the Gift Swap, we’ll see you in the Staff Lounge at 3:45pm!

Enjoy your day!

PS Music and Math!

Come join us at 7:45am for some delightful  Music in the Foyer! (Thank you Heidi!)

House Math Challenge: Brought to you by Taiping

The plan this year is to give students the choice of trying up to 10 different math stations. Once at a station, there are 3 different options of challenge for them to choose from. The scorekeepers will award up to 10 points based on a students ability to explain their thinking (either in words, pictures or numbers) and the creativity of their solutions.
Please read the following details to ensure that you and your students are ready for the event.
  1. Start Time 8:10am
  2. Please have students bring their math notebook and a pencil (clipboard optional)
  3. Please ask your students to wear their house colors
  4. Students have the option of working alone, in pairs or in a group of 3… please have this organized prior to arriving
  5. On arrival to the Green Gym, students will sit in house groups for brief instructions before starting
  6. Scorekeepers (see below) will move to their stations and be given clipboards with tally charts for points
  7. If you are not a scorekeeper (see below), then you are floating and managing traffic and behavior

Math Challenges (G1 – G5)

* Feel free to discuss these with your class ahead of time… or not… most are self-explanatory
Station 1 – Calculation – Scorekeepers: Amanda Xie, Alex, Susan
Station 2 – Which One Doesn’t Belong? – Scorekeepers: Junlah, Sunny, Mel
Station 3 – Estimation – Scorekeepers: Lee, Diana, Echo
Station 4 – Would You Rather? – Scorekeepers: Betina, Heika, Seth
Station 5 – Patterns – Scorekeepers: Kelli, Ian
Station 6 – Squares – Scorekeepers: Angie Romero, Lucia, Tom
Station 7 – 100s Chart – Scorekeepers: Cal, Anna K, Tye
Station 8 – Area – Scorekeepers: Adam, Ray, Heidi
Station 9 – Parts of a Whole – Scorekeepers: Julie, Anouk, Melody
Station 10 – Missing Digits – Scorekeepers: Zach, Lily, Steven
Math Challenges (K2)
Station 1 – Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Station 2 – Tangrams
Station 3 – Number Tracing (or Number Tracing Addition)

PS Seasonal Musings

‘Tis the season…Staff, friends, families, students, and even pets can sense the approaching holidays. For some this time might mean a major transition for a family. For others, it may mean being bored stiff at home with no friends to play with. For most, it is an exciting time to relax or be adventurous with friends and family. Either way their tends to be a lot of emotion about this time of year. We can help each other and our students during the next two and a half weeks by:

  • Revisiting common agreements in the classroom and around campus.
  • Taking time to check-in and talk with students.
  • Do diligence by keeping students accountable for their behavior.
  • Breathe, smile, and patiently wait for students to meet your expectations.

They will love you all the more for it!

Day 3 PS Reminders

PS Programme Meeting 

2:45 in the Music Large Group Room


Bob B. hosting Dyslexia workshop for returning teachers (Amanda Baumann’s room)

Rick F,  will be hosting a workshop about Autism MS/US Large Group Room

PS Reminder about Gym access

Please be advised that we will be closing the gym for 2nd lunch on Thursday for a full rehearsal.

Grade 3 & 5 – Please remind students that the gym will be closed on these two days. Should it rain we will just use half the gym.

Grade 2 & 4 – Can you please remind your students to come to the gym straight after 1st lunch (Angie and I will be in the Cafeteria to collect them)

If you have any queries about the assembly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lee and Angie.

PS Day 1 Reminders

Get ready for our first PS House Tech Challenge starts today at 8:10am.

See Tye’s email about grade level groupings.

Also, THANK YOU ALL for your good work preparing Q1 Reports. They will go out at 4:00pm along with open sign-ups for the 3-Way Conferences.


PS Day 6 Reminder

Thank you for a great start to our full week, and your efforts preparing Q1 Progress Reports.

A reminder we will be meeting for the PS Programme in the Large Music Room at 2:45pm.

Agenda: 1. Tuning in to practice of inclusion via Instructional Coaches and ELL. 2. Skilling-up with Seesaw

Day 1 PS Reminders

Happy 25 Years NIS!

8:05am in the Library Foyer:

Everyone is invited for the Last Day Countdown with Laurie and the longest attending student at NIS!

Schedule: (See Kasson’s Final Email)

  • Break: 10am – 10:25am
  • PK-K1 Lunch 1: 11:30 (in the EY Centre) K2 12:00pm (In the EY Centre)
  • Lunch 1:   12noon – 12:30pm
  • Lunch 2: 12.30pm – 1.00pm

Have a great day making history, and a fabulous October Break!



Day 8 PS Reminders

Music In The Foyer:

7:45am Come and enjoy the talents of our year’s first performers in front of the Library.

Collaboration Carousel

3:15 in the EY Centre we will have time to reflect on closing UOI, and look ahead to the next Unit before we head off for break.

Day 5 PS Reminders

Assembly Fun and Mooncake Delight:

Please be sure your class is seated and ready by 8:10am in the PAC for our first PS Assembly. At the end of our programme, we will follow directions for our evacuation from the PAC.

Thank you for your adjustments to the rest of the day’s Mandarin schedule so that all our students can enjoy making their very own mooncakes as part of their Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in the Hutong! Xiexie Mandarin Team!

G3  8:45-9:35

G1  9:40-10:40

G4  11:00-11:50

G2  12:00-13:00

G5  14:00-15:00

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