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Day 2 PS Updates (Read all the way through)

Tuesday’s PS Programme Agenda is:

2:45: PS Programme

  • Grade Level Teams 1-5, ELL: Common Writing Assessment Calibration (Large Music Room)
  • Early Years: Maths in the Early Years with Craig in the EY Center
  • Specialist Integrators: Seesaw UpSkilling in PS Performing Arts Class with Stephanie (Please Bring iPads, most updated version of SeeSaw)

3:30 Strategy Session

Wednesday- Q1 Progress Report Support:

3:15pm Cindy and Adam will be available to walk you through “tips and tricks” for successful report writing. (Location TBD)

Thursday– We will take a pause from Carousel Collaboration to allow teachers to work on their progress reports.

PS Day 8 House Challenge

Good luck to all the houses, especially Taiping, during this morning’s Tunnel Ball House competition.

See you out on the Quad at 8:10am!

Day 3 PS Reminders

Reggio PD Conference:

Takes place today and tomorrow in the PAC 8:30am-4:15pm. EY Teachers as well as Junlah and Adam will be in attendance. (Please refer to Kasson for any needs in their absence).

4:30pm Travel Tips on Friday’s- Staff Lounge

Day 2 PS Reminders

Good morning!

A reminder that we will be meeting in the EY Centre for our Carousel Collaboration at 3:15pm today.

Looking forward to our collaborative conversations.

Adam and Junlah

Day 1 PS Reminders

TA/LA Meeting with Shemo in the Library during Period 3.

New Hires: Please meet in MSUS Large Group Room at 3:15pm to learn more about Strategy at NIS.

Day 8 PS Update

Soccer Pitch Reminder:

Please help remind students that the pitch is a place for everyone to play.

Tuesday Schedule:

Break-10:10am .        Lunch -11:50am .           2:30pm Dismissal

2:45pm: Start PS Program at the Maker Space;

3:31pm: Strategy Session

Day 6 PS Reminders

House Challenge– meet out on the soccer fields at 8:05am. Plan to be out until approximately 10:40am.

PS Maker-Space Grand Opening and Intro at 10:40am everyone’s invited.

Thai Promotion can be HOT! Please help students know how to check the food signs during lunch to be sure they are not selecting food that is too spicy.



Day 3 PS Updates

Dear Teachers,

Enjoy your time today with parents and students during the bulk of your Parent-Led Conferences. A couple of reminders about lunch time schedule:

  1. Refer to the BTT for Tuesday and the attachment within the Week 3 PS Bulletin. All Primary BTT has been covered so that you may have lunch, and be able to pick-up students from lunch between 12:50-1:00pm (Thank you Katie).
  2. Students should return with you from lunch to bring closure to the day, and then be dismissed at 1:15pm.
  3. Busses will depart at approximately 1:30pm.

For Friday: Be prepared for our first fun House Challenges between 8:05-8:50am. Details to come from Bob on Thursday.

Second-step Information– Lead by Cal from 3:15-3:50 in Heidi’s room, Thursday afternoon. (For those interested)

Day 1 PS Reminders

Have fun with our first House Spirit Celebrations!

8:15AM House Locations:

Taiping:               Green Gym

Xuanwu:              PAC

Wutaishan:         MYP LGR

Thank you Lee for helping organize our kick-off.


Friday Break: 10:40am-11:00am

Lunch: 1:00pm



Day 8 PS Updates

PLC Excel Sheet: (click the link and complete the online form to help Integrator Specialists and others see your schedule)

PS Carousel: PS Faculty will meet in the Large Music Room at 3:15pm to participate in our first PS Carousel Collaboration. Please be sure to bring your laptops and planning materials. Detailed instructions provided.



Day 7 PS Announcements

Thank you for your diligence to complete and send on the PLC Schedules by 4:30pm today.

Integrator Specialists and Mandarin Teachers:

Please use the Live link to the Excel Sheet, for the PLC sign-ups to indicate which students’ conferences you plan to attend. You may do this by simply adding your name in brackets within the students slotted time. This will allow other specialists to see how many teachers may be in attendance.

12:55pm Most of our new hires will be off to the PSB for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you for helping support coverage and those covering your grade level colleagues during their absence.


Day 6 PS Update

Tuesday Schedule


Evacuation Drill starts at 9:55am

First Break- 10:10am

Lunch- 12:30pm

2:30pm Dismissal

2:45pm PS Programme Meeting in PAC

3:30pm Insurance Meeting in PAC

Day 5 PS Update

Good morning,

A quick edit to the PS Weekly:

TA meeting is on Friday 24th Day 1 Period 3, 10:00-10:40. Location is to be confirmed

Day 4 PS Reminders

PS Assembly starts at 8:10am in the PAC.

Please assume usual  seating arrangements for your grade levels.

Contact Adam and Junlah:

Whenever emailing PS Admin regarding students please include both Adam and Junlah in your communication.

Adam will be away from school after 12:30pm.

PS Students Can Get Involved in Grade 10 Genetics Study:

From Luis:

As part of a Grade 10 Biology project, we are looking to map out a few genetic traits in our student body. We thought we’d start by asking Primary teachers to volunteer their classes for 10-15 minutes in September. The tests are observations of simple behaviors and physical traits only (like the orientation of hand clasping, presence of a widow’s peak, smile dimples, cleft chins, attached earlobes, etc…).

I’m happy to explore how the data from the project can support your units in the Primary.

This is also a first opportunity for PS students to visit the US Science labs – stay tuned for more!

Connect with Luiz for more information.



Day 3 PS Reminders

Please remind students that they should  enter the building in the morning at 7:45am. Otherwise they can wait in the courtyard or Library Foyer.

Swimming Start Dates- Refer to the schedule sent to you by Grade Jiang or contact her directly to confirm.

SNACK- Please help check student snacks to be sure that they are in line with our guidelines that they are healthy and nut-free. Communicate with parents as necessary. (Help establish routines/expectations.)




First Day Reminders

Have a great first day with students!

All non-homeroom teachers please help support transitions for students in the Library Foyer and around the Early Years Centre.

All teachers to be ‘on deck’ to support their students as they settle into lunch routines.

2:30pm Dismissal

Bus Ayi Location= Hutong

3:00 ALL PS Staff Huddle in Heidi’s room

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