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PS Student Council Meeting

Primary Student Council members in grades 2-5 will meet after lunch today (Wednesday). They will eat FIRST, then come upstairs in the cafeteria once they get dismissed.


The “Syllabus” – new essays & podcasts

An eclectic weekly selection of the best new essays, talks, podcasts, and more.

Evgeny Morozov’s The Syllabus salvages “the best, the deepest, and the most important bits from the ever-growing great pile of information”. Organized by interest it collects truly stimulating but mostly overlooked online content on a broad range of topics.

  • Our ultimate ambition is to create a “living syllabus” on a series of subjects that matter.
  • We want to ensure that individuals and institutions who want the best new insights into complex yet important issues have the ability to find and peruse more than just tweets or blog posts.
  • Until now, doing this – without getting lost in the labyrinths of academia, think-tanks, and conference halls – has been an arduous task. The Syllabus will change that for good.

JSTOR – we now have access!

We now have access to JSTOR (, another great online research database. We don’t need to login or use a password…it uses IP Authentication, so should automatically say “Access provided by Nanjing International School” at the top of the page. 

New ebooks & audiobooks available – Overdrive/Sora

Did you know we have ebooks and audiobooks for kids from age 2-99? The easiest way to get them is to download Sora, Overdrive’s student reading app. It works on all smart phones AND laptops! You simply type Nanjing International School to find our school in the app, then login using your ID number as both your username AND password. Students and teachers are ready to go…parents need to stop by the library to request an account. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Of course, you can always stop by the downstairs primary library with any questions or concerns!

Sora information

Self-checkout prototype in the secondary library

We are going to try self-checkout upstairs in the secondary library, where the student, teacher, or parent checks out their own books using a laptop with instructions next to it. Laptops for searching for books are always available. If you want to bring your class for checkout, let us know ahead of time (or on your way) and one of us will be able to assist you upstairs.


We will still close the secondary library during break and lunch until we have made the “big move” and become one gloriously united library.


Please give us your feedback on how things are going in the library and what we can do to improve!

Interested in co-sponsoring PYP Student Council?

Anyone interested in co-sponsoring the PYP Student Council with me? We have a rep from each class in grades 2-5, so 12 students all together. We try to meet once a week during lunch, and we help with assemblies, the PYP Variety Show, and coordinating spirit days.

Online Resources for teachers


Here is a link to the online resources we subscribe to. Individual grades and/or departments might have additional subscriptions that are not listed. Usernames & passwords are included. Please do NOT share this link with students…they do not get access to the same things we do and will get their own link.

If you are working on professional development (university) courses, I highly recommend using EBSCO and JSTOR for research.

Overdrive/Sora – ebooks for all!!!!!!

Library Online Subscriptions 2019 – Teachers

FREE positive female role model posters to download & print


-taken from “A Mighty Girl” blog, which is a FANTASTIC resource for anyone who has or works with girls




We temporarily have 2 libraries!

Our (new) secondary library is upstairs in the cafeteria, and holds books for 6-12 grades and adults, including foreign language books. Checkout is available during the school day and after school, but the upstairs library is closed during break and lunch.


Our primary library is in it’s regular location, and holds books for our younger students in English and various foreign languages, as well as our parenting books, travel guides, DVDs for parent and teacher checkout, and professional collection for teachers.

Summer library books are now due!

Students, teachers, and parents: don’t forget to return your library books that you checked out in June! They are now due, and overdue emails will be sent out Thursday morning to remind you. Avoid my emails by returning your books!

Where is the library?!?

Our primary library (grades PK-5) is still in the old library space, and will be until November or December (more info will be sent as we get closer to the big move). The primary library still has tables and chairs for studying, and it will be open to students during break and lunch. The primary resource room is still in the back of the library office (more info sent later).


Our books for MS/US fiction and nonfiction and adult fiction (including adult foreign language) are now upstairs in the cafeteria mezzanine right by the elevator. An aide will be up there if you want to bring your classes for checkout, but it will be closed to students during break and lunch (until we move the primary library upstairs).


I will be mostly down in the primary library if you need to find me.

Come on, students…turn those books in!

The following students need to return textbooks and/or library books ASAP:

Grade 6

Madox B. – textbooks

Alina D. – textbooks

Charlie G. – textbooks

Yannick L. – textbooks

Luis P. – textbooks

Max W. – textbooks

Shi Yu W. – textbooks

Han Z. – library books

Finn Z. – textbooks


Grade 7

Zhi J. – textbooks

Hyemin P. – textbooks

Bangce Q. – textbooks

Byeongsoo S. – textbooks


Grade 8

Suyoung B. – textbooks

Oscar B. – textbooks

Jennifer C. – textbooks

Eric C. – textbooks

Jaemin K. – textbooks

Max S. – textbooks

Melissa W. – textbooks

Cici X. – library books

Sarah Y. – textbooks

Sherry Z. – textbooks


Grade 9

Lennard J. – textbooks

Jinhyung L. – textbooks

Jinah P. – textbooks

Kim W. – textbooks

Edwin Z. – textbooks and library books

Eason Z. – library books


Grade 10

Eva C. – textbooks

Sunny G. – textbooks

Andy H. – textbooks

Junseong H. – textbooks

Helen J. – textbooks

Seongmin K. – textbooks

Jumin P. – textbooks

Alina W. – textbooks

Renyue Y. – textbooks

Alice Z. – textbooks

Claire Z. – textbooks


Grade 11 – email me if you need the textbooks and/or library materials for next year

Mayvelyn B. – library books

Anthony C. – library books and textbooks

Siha C. – textbooks

Wootaek H. – textbooks

Yun Jeong H. – textbooks

Gunho J. – textbooks

Maria P. – library books

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